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How to open a foreign exchange account

How to open a cashbackforexexness forex rebate club cashbackforexbroker? Many people are not clear, worried about the account opening process forexrebateclub not familiar with a lot of unnecessary trouble, in fact, foreign exchange account is not complicated today to introduce the account opening experience, for reference only Tools: a computer, Baidu search engine Steps / methods Select the formal foreign exchange trading platform This is the most important, that is, after choosing a good platform, the rest of the things are good to do, because a good foreign exchange company, often provide very thoughtful service For example, 7 * 24 hours service and customer service staff patience to help now a lot of good work, here I do not do more to determine your choice of foreign exchange dealers, find its cashback forex Baidu can be for example, enter XXX platform usually its agents website will also be displayed this time to log on to the agents website generally speaking they will have customer service people in the website, which can talk directly with their customer service staff If you feel inconvenient, foreign exchange agents usually install a 400 toll-free number, you can use your cell phone to call directly in accordance with the requirements of the foreign exchange dealer to open an account usually said that the steps to open an account are as follows Step 1: Fill out the personal information form and send it to the foreign exchange agent or foreign exchange dealer together with a color photo ID The second step: the foreign exchange dealer to review the information passed, you will be filled out in the personal information through the personal Step 3: Login to the trading software, check whether the account and the secret method is correct Step 4: After the deposit can be normal trading Step 5: You can directly contact the agent or contact the foreign exchange company by mail or phone When the account is complete, even if the great success can enjoy the foreign exchange market to bring us the investment experience (foreign exchange risk is large) Note Here to say is, how to avoid being some black agents to cheat this point to bear in mind, no matter what agents are good, personal or corporate or not, as long as he is a regular agent, your account will be safe, because agents are like intermediaries, but there are some agents tend to hang sheeps head to sell dog meat, such as saying that the agent XXX platform, but finally asked you to remit to other platforms under the account so we open an account When we open an account, the final deposit step, must be the account name of the dealer you opened, a letter can not be deviated, or resolutely not deposit, and cancel the account, choose another agent

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