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How to make money by speculating in foreign exchange

In order to seek some economic purpose, cashbackforexexnessternational forex rebate club will occur in various markets between the frequent transfer, which is also a major way of forexrebateclub capital cashbackforexbrokers in the floating exchange rate system, the flow of funds (especially the flow of short-term funds) can make the currency exchange rate fluctuations increase or weaken whether the currency exchange rate increased volatility, or tends to stabilize, the ultimate purpose of the international flow of funds is to seek profits the higher the profits In the current individual speculation in foreign exchange, if you buy, sell the currency cashback forex the direction of international capital flow is the same, then you will get greater profits so individual speculators should pay close attention to the direction of international capital flow In the current international foreign exchange market, the most common capital flow is mainly in the following areas: a. Trade The flow of funds generally refers to exporters, importers in the purchase and sale of goods in the flow of funds Second, the flow of bank funds on the one hand, banks due to business needs, such as arbitrage, arbitrage, long and short positions to cover, position transfer, etc.; on the other hand, but also in the performance of the central bank of the country or its currency excessive rise or fall, intervention in the foreign exchange market and the use of funds today In early January of this year, the Bank of Japan in order to prevent the yen exchange rate appreciation exceeded the 100 mark, in 1 U.S. dollars to 102 yen near the yen, a large number of sales of yen so that the yen fell to a low of 1 U.S. dollars to 111.73 yen on February 22, the yen fell nearly 10%. Third, the flow of funds to preserve the value of this part of the flow of funds in: 1. Risk-averse funds due to a country, a region of political instability, causing This is one of the factors that caused the weakening of the euro. 2. currency preservation funds this part of the funds are generally invested in high-interest currencies, that is, funds from low-interest rate currencies into high-interest rate currencies, high-interest currencies will be favored and sought after by the market, such as the U.S. dollar, the British pound, etc. At the same time, a countrys balance of payments, fiscal policy and other good or bad are Will cause this part of the flow of funds Fourth, the flow of speculative funds this part of the flow of funds on the currency exchange rate fluctuations have a huge impact, but also the fastest flow of frequency such as October 7, 1998 morning Tokyo plate on the yen exchange rate of 128 yen to the dollar, however, in the evening of the European market, the yen rose to a maximum of 111.70 yen to the dollar The single-day rise of nearly 13% thus shows the role played by speculative funds in the international currency market investors how to grasp the international mainstream capital movements?  1. to understand the situation of various related international financial markets, investment markets such as the stock market: including the U.S. Dow Jones Index, NASDAQ, Hong Kongs Hang Seng Index, Japans Nikkei Index and other major countries in the worlds bond market, gold, oil prices, and related commodities, futures markets, etc. 2. to grasp the flow of funds between the markets such as the international stock market and 3. to have the ability to identify the international primary and secondary flows of funds 4. to have certain analytical tools (analysis software) as a basis such as technical charts, market instant messages, real-time currency market quotes, and relevant economic data

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