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How to learn programming in Forex EA

     Everyones first contact with forexrebateclub cashbackforexbroker think a lot of people will be in those Q groups ah and so on, constantly asking how to cashback forex programming, to read some of those books or even in Baidu, Google search how to learn programming    Th forex rebate club article. I will describe from my own perspective of learning programming, how to learn, may cashbackforexexness be the best way to learn, but I think for some friends will always help, because the method is derived from your personal I am here to say my motto: do not think about how others do, first should think about how they do not think about how others help you first want to help themselves       nbsp; think about my own learning programming also has a good number of years La junior year began to play a small fight with C language to write a boring printf () to write a few personal website with HTML although not much technical content, but are their own labor, it was really exciting, now look back, in fact, it was very childish but also created my interest it! Well the gossip is less, we are into the subject    Before learning, please allow yourself to ask yourself: why do I want to do such a thing for programming, I will first ask, why do you want to learn programming? How would you answer?     A: interest;     B: reading needs;     C: rumors are high paying careers;     D: easy employment;   ;   E: forced;     F: bored to learn;     How would you choose this; what kind of purpose, what kind of results you get If you choose (A) I will be happy, interest is motivation, even if there is no one to teach I will also have the courage to learn, as far as I personally, I am the kind of ass sitting unstable people, you asked me to sit there and do nothing for half an hour, I will be uncomfortable all over the body, but when it comes to computers, programming I can sit is 7, 8 hours themselves still do not feel interested first, very good, you take this as the purpose I believe you will be able to learn well believe that you also have their own set of learning style  If you choose B: then you also have a certain chance of success, first of all, if you are a person who can read, you can say that reading is your interest, then you can also learn well of course, if only with the trend of everyone read so I also have to read, then you can only learn badly     If you If you choose C: then you should give up early, those with high salaries are very cattle people, in fact, the majority of programmers are still struggling to live on the level of the line to mix, so if you hold a high salary to learn programming, you must be willing to suffer this type is also the most accomplished class, programming is technology needs to be a persistence, but your persistence is only money technology is not equal to money now & hellip;…    If you choose D: I still advise you to give up early, now the employment is not optimistic ah, the army of unemployed computer accounts for a large part of the proportion, you may be a part of it at any time    If you If you choose the E: very good, you may also learn good, provided that the person who forced you can always force you to go on, so that you progress, a very classic words: people are forced out of the …… you were born is indeed forced out, forced out by your mother, huh!     If you choose the F: Its not bad, at least youre bored when you think of actually programming, proving that programming can still bring you fun    Since you already know why you learn programming, then what we have to do is how to learn a lot of programming languages nowadays. Hundreds of languages, but no matter what language, there will be commonality so you want to learn programming then you must first learn the idea of programming, the idea of programming you can only read just to understand how the computer to read these programming languages this is very important do not understand over you learn any programming language is very difficult to do flexible use     you understand how the computer is to read the programming language is that this time you can start to choose the language you learn at least these programming languages are I can read and understand, so to speak, they have learned also will analyze some of the characteristics of learning these languages     A: c#.NET      nbsp;B:Java    C:C/C++    D:PHP    E:JavaScript       ;F: lua     I only listed five, in fact, there are more languages, interested in finding out for themselves the characteristics of these languages In fact, I have out of these have a feature are somewhat similar to the C language          nbsp; A: C# this language is introduced by Microsoft, most of the current applications are applied on the WIN platform, although LINUX can also be used, but the support is not too good programming style I think is the most beautiful at least look very comfortable, powerful intelligent perception of the learning difficulty of programming grading is: easy for beginners, general programming medium, advanced programming difficult gradient is not too steep although it is object-oriented, but now most people are very object-oriented at least I decompile a lot of applications in the country when a lot of programming ideas are not used, although the class is used to achieve the scripting closure function only really use to object-oriented inheritance polymorphism is not much of course there are many object-oriented ideas are used, so I think the beginning of learning C# can completely abandon the object Inheritance, polymorphism and other complex things to focus on learning his syntactic sugar, and encapsulated API, in fact, the language C# has a very good API, basically the application can be directly used API to achieve, and from the algorithm construction is not complex, coupled with the IDE intelligent perception, newcomers only need to understand the role of each namespace can be, intelligent perception will help us Complete the API call (at least you have to know those methods in that space, how to use) so the beginning I defined it in the hands of easy to learn now learning is not necessarily from notepad to learn to use IDE learning is actually a skill programming is very important is how much you move your hands, how much you have gained, no matter how much you read other peoples code, if you do not write your own hands, you Before I have part of the students, they said to me, now online a lot of code, there is a need to knock yourself so hard why go online to _COPY for everything, fools to write their own hands okay I admit I fool but since less I now the level I dare say, you only need to give me 2 things I can write the same code you find on the Internet is the same VS, the other is Speaking of this thing reminds me of the recent company recruitment of some interesting things recently the company interviewed close to 80 people, because our companys computer test is not allowed to go online huh! You can imagine, after not being able to access the Internet only 30 can barely knock out the code can make the topic is even less pathetic suddenly I thought, these people in the end there is no foundation, a simple login function and upload file function can not be written online, I really sweat … … some claim to three years five years of work experience, actually still can not write a simple cross The companys main goal is to provide a simple cross-tabular query (actually 10 sentences of code ……) so ah over-reliance on the network how can have their own technical accumulation, these people in my eyes three or five years can not become architects …… may be ten years to go to the level of architects          B: JAVA is similar to C#, rumor has it that Microsoft launched C# is also to fight JAVA and get out of the two languages have a lot of similarities what is the naming of the way are a lot of similarities, JAVA is also developed from the C language but I think in the learning curve, the beginning to learn than C# is difficult, Chinese people are generally not very good English and in IDE Microsofts VS is better than JAVAs various editors, mainly in the intelligent perception, and some auxiliary may be a lot of JAVAs hardcore FANS will throw me a watermelon, throw eggs but I dare say, Im telling the truth, JAVA location an environment are very hard, at least when I learn so free ah, JAVA many things are free, Microsoft to charge , the charge is certainly good … … I will sneer … … you ya dont have to pirate? With the glorious piracy charge problem is not a problem at all, and say from the point of view of learning ……piracy of these things is simply irrelevant ……Instead, it is easier to convene the popularity ………    C: C language can be said is a very powerful language, long ranked first but need to invest a lot of energy ah, intelligent perception has not been progressing much, probably because of the evil macro definition huh (this evil is not what I said) of course learning C if you do not know how to use macro definition then you must not have learned C, C language macro definition although has been in the C language books rarely described but the practical application is indispensable I have seen IDSOFTs DOOM source code is simply a god, but it also looks really hard to digress, in fact, many of the above languages are derived from the C language, what a lot of features are referred to the C language with a very metaphysical talk C language is a powerful magic left over from ancient times since it is ancient learning curve is naturally steep as can be, I personally feel that my C language level is actually I personally feel that my level of C is actually just a rookie, but C++ is also a rookie. C++ and C are actually 2 languages that I think cannot be confused at all, but many of the recruiters have grouped C/C++ into one category, so I have also grouped it into one category. I personally feel that C/C++ needs at least 4 years to be considered a master, JAVA is 2 years, C# is 2 years and also needs a series of computer foundation, algorithm foundation and some other things and JAVA and C# have encapsulated these things into a standard API, we only need to use but C/C++ these things are not a definite standard such as interface library, some people use QT some people use MFC. MFC. These are not the same so choose the road is also more, learn more things naturally but from programming, not is the C++ than with C# cattle C++ just has a deep history, have their own unique civilization because of its civilization and cattle    D: PHP contact is not deep, but I think it is a production of web pages I think PHP has a great advantage in developing web pages, but the development of B/S level system applications is now more incompetent so if you position yourself as a web developer, you should learn this language if it is a B/S level application, you should use C# or JAVA, or other languages     E: JavaScript, the very famous scripting language, if you want to engage in B/S development, web development, you must learn this, is a must master skills learning curve is relatively flat, and the content is not much, but the application is very flexible language is highly recommended for beginners to learn this language first, to find the feeling The language is completely free of programming environment problems, you only need to have a browser, notepad, any system has software can write it so I think first learn it will help you understand programming ideas    F: LUA this is also a scripting language, the achievement of this languages fame is from a game called World of Warcraft game, I understand that LUA is used in more areas as an embedded language, embedded in C or C++ to use, in many domestic game companies will have LUA programmers, part of the C programmers to work part-time because LUA has a very similar syntax and C, basic to the old C programmers to learn LUA is no difficulty, of course, there are its limitations The language itself is used as an extension of C. Therefore, it is recommended to learn C first or achieve more (or just!) if you learn this language.     I personally chose C# as a long-term development of the language I think this language is more suitable for my kind of English is not good, but also like programming people    PS: really want to learn programming must learn some English skills, because many advanced ideas of programming are English I think the first thing is to be familiar with some syntax sugar, the second thing is to compose more I think for beginners, the first thing you do is to program the book once, during which you will encounter countless errors, but these errors will be repeated, this time you learn how to troubleshoot, someone has said that programming is not written in one breath, is modified so learn to troubleshoot is the first step in programming, although Although there is a lot of code with the book CD, but these codes do not belong to your not into your brain, the only way to make these codes belong to you is to copy (play) a few times when you look through a basic book of programming …… at least others ask you the knowledge of this book you can answer, that is, you spent the first period you can enter a move stage     nbsp;   The general stage, this stage I define it as the period when these grammars are organized into sentences, organized into articles I would like to ask, we have all taken language classes, lets think back, we learn the process of language    word="word="sentence="article;    nbsp;   And the learning of programming is like this;    Variables="Functions="Classes="Architecture    So what we do in the beginning stage is to learn those words, those words (which is actually grammar sugar) and then we will learn to make sentences. When making sentences will involve combining what words will get beautiful sentences, and reasonable sentences, coupled with reasonable logic will become a beautiful article but a beautiful article is not so simple is also a program architecture as beautiful as not so simple, like, requires a lot of many learning

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