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How to determine the inflection point of the market trend reversal in forex trading

forex cashbackforexbrokervestors in forex gold trading, judging the direction of the trend forexrebateclub the inflection point forex rebate club an important factor in determining the performance of the transaction but many forex gold traders are still difficult to master the method of judging the location of the inflection point thus leading to a certain degree of loss or is not very satisfied with the profit results forex trading experience tips  www.waihuibang.com /fxschool/experience/ In fact, forex trading to judge the inflection point of the trend as long as you remember three points can be There are three ways of divergence can be used to judge the inflection point of the trend: the first way, the angle of the latest forex trading down (up) and the angle of the last down (up) for comparison Angle represents speed, represents efficiency (forex academy   www.waihuibang.com/fxschool/) angle if there is a slowdown, it indicates that there is a divergence in efficiency This divergence is based on the reduction in the efficiency of the forces that maintain the original trend, the original trend of internal forces have occurred to the detriment of maintaining the original trend change the second way, the most recent forex trading down (up) the magnitude of the last down (up) compared with the magnitude of the last down (up) The magnitude represents the overall force, the effect, and the endurance If the magnitude decreases, it indicates a deviation from the overall scale (force), this deviation is due to a decrease in the endurance of the original trend to maintain the original trend, and the overall force is exhausted The third way, the angle and magnitude of the latest rally (retracement) compared to the angle and magnitude of the last forex trading rally (retracement) If the magnitude is the same, but the angle increases; or the angle equal, but the amplitude increases, or the amplitude and angle both increase, it indicates that the counter-trend forces increase, there may be the formation of an inflection point, can wait for another fall or rise after action This is another form of divergence, is a divergence of counter-trend forces can be called a counter-divergence of course it is best to compare the angle and amplitude of another fall (rise) and the last fall (rise), but the counter-divergence can be predicted in advance and may appear divergence The important factors affecting the trend inflection point 1, the cashback forex of the problem of the cycle is a problem in every cashbackforexexness, such as the central bank interest cycle has an important impact on the asset market, if investors master its interest cycle, there will be great profit opportunities in the asset market the same in the currency market also exists in the cycle, the U.S. real interest rate changes is one of the factors affecting the dollar cycle 2, the market itself is a tool to digest expectations For example, to explain to you, the market is expected to start a new cycle after the U.S. interest rate hike cycle past, as for the development of factors affecting the market will not know until that time in the currency market, speculators generally will be sudden political events, seen as speculative news cycle, speculators top priority is to find the cycle change, how to take the correct investment strategy in the cycle 3, fundamental changes in the foreign exchange fundamental analysis The basis is the countrys macroeconomic development, asset markets and political and other factors, as well as other factors that may affect currency prices for analysis, so as to achieve the purpose of determining the direction of the market macroeconomic including: monetary policy, interest rates, gross domestic product, inflation rate, unemployment rate, etc. Asset markets include: stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Political factors include: geopolitical events, wars, terrorist attacks Natural disasters, diplomatic events, etc. 4, technical surface changes in the foreign exchange market technical analysis is the object of study of market behavior, predicting future trends in market price changes, as well as charts on the study of market behavior technical analysis shows that market behavior includes the digestion of all things all potential events, economic events, social events, war, natural disasters, etc., are reflected in the price changes on the forex trading trend judgment For the choice of investment direction is very important, if the trend is selected correctly, then the profit is certain, but if the choice is wrong, then waiting for us only loss for many investors who have just started to enter the foreign exchange market to accurately determine the inflection point is indeed a very difficult thing, this skill is needed in the practice of foreign exchange trading slowly and continuously to find out in order to obtain the

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