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How to analyze forex fundamental data

When trad forexrebateclubg forex, we should not only focus on technical analys cashback forex, but also pay attention to fundamental data So how to analyze forex fundamental data?  The main purpose of fundamental analysis is to predict future price movements through the analysis of macroeconomic things Fundamental analysis factors include various political and economic phenomena, such as cashbackforexexness forex rebate clubs, trade balances, inflation cashbackforexbroker, civil conflicts, wars and other macro-level things Fundamental analysis helps us understand how the above-mentioned political and economic factors have an impact on exchange rate fluctuations So, how to analyze What about fundamental data?  Here we will introduce a few common economic data: 1, InterestRate According to the principles of economics, changes in interest rates are data that directly affect the exchange rate trend, such as interest rates rise, the return on investment in the country increases, leading to a large inflow of international capital, increasing the demand for the local currency, bringing pressure on the appreciation of the local currency or directly lead to the appreciation of the local currency, and vice versa, if interest rates fall, the local currency depreciates  Although the interest rate of a country does not change often, we will find that the exchange rate of each currency pair is constantly changing, which is also influenced by the monetary policy statements published by each country. This is mainly affected by the Feds 10 monetary policy statements held in a year monetary policy statements will elaborate on the Feds expectations of how long to raise interest rates in the future if in the near future will raise interest rates, the dollar index rose; if there is still a period of time before raising interest rates, the dollar index fell 2, the unemployment rate (UnemploymentRate) Unemployment rate is an important indicator of the capital market, is a lagging indicator Unemployment rate % = The number of unemployed / (the number of people in the workforce + the number of unemployed) % Unemployment rate increase is a signal of economic weakness, which can lead to the government to monetary easing (cut interest rates or issue domestic currency), the exchange rate fell, the currency depreciated while the unemployment rate decreased is a signal of economic improvement, which can lead to the government to monetary tightening policy (interest rates or stop issuing domestic currency), the exchange rate rose, the currency appreciated U.S. non-agricultural employment (NFP (NFP) is also an important indicator of employment, which counts the change in the number of people employed outside of agricultural production, i.e. in manufacturing and services. A decrease in this figure indicates that companies are reducing production, the economy is in recession, the exchange rate falls and the currency depreciates.

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