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How are the foreign exchange trading returns Can you make money speculating in foreign exchange

Foreig cashback forex cashbackforexbroker investment forex rebate club one of the most popular investment methods among investors in recent years, so what are the returns on foreign exchange trading? The foreign exchange trading revenue can make money? This is also many investors who have not yet entered the foreign exchange market is most concerned about a problem, today to explain how investors speculate in foreign exchange is to make money?  We explain through the following two examples: Example 1: Mr. Lee expects the next period of time, the cashbackforexexness will appreciate, the forexrebateclub will depreciate then he will first convert the dollar to pounds, if the pound appreciates then Mr. Lee bought the right direction of the actual operation to buy the pound against the dollar contract once the pound against the dollar exchange rate rose, then you can close the position at a profit on the contrary if you pre-save the pound depreciates, the dollar If you have predicted that the pound depreciates and the dollar strengthens, then you need to short the pound and sell the euro against the dollar contract, meaning that all the pounds are converted to dollars if the guess is correct, then you will also achieve a profit Example 2: Mr. Wang bought the euro against the dollar currency pair at 1.2300, bought a standard lot (a standard lot is equal to 100,000 U.S. dollars), if you are using 200 times the leverage, then you only need 500 If 2 hours later the pound rose 100 points, then your profit of 100 * 10 = 1000 U.S. dollars, your return is 200% foreign exchange margin money is very fast, but the speed of losing money is also extremely fast, risk control is not good, a night to lose all the money is often seen things high returns at the same time difficult to avoid high risk, so in addition to this to enter the Foreign exchange market investors must pay attention to control the risk of a single contract brings losses and not just your margin, may be much higher than your margin past experience shows that the more profitable investors will control the risk and set each transaction in accordance with the level of risk 

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