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Using Quarters to Trade Forex

Using quarters as a trading tool can be an effective way to increase your profits in the Forex market. This simple method involves identifying patterns in currency price movements and applying them to your trades. Quarters are particularly helpful when interpreting trends in currency exchange rates. This book provides you with step-by-step instructions for applying the method, as well as real-life market examples and variations. Ilian Yotov, a veteran Forex trader and strategist, offers unique insights and reliable trading tools in this book.

The idea behind using quarters as a trading tool is simple: a quarter is made up of four equal parts. A quarter can be one-fourth of a pound, kilo, or hour. It can also be a Canadian or U.S. coin. The Quarters Theory focuses on determining whether a Large Quarter Transition is successful or unsuccessful based on the Hesitation Zone.

The first step to implementing the system is to allocate a portion of your account balance to each trade. As a general rule, you should never invest more than one percent of your total account balance, and be sure to enter a stop-loss order to protect your capital from large losses. You can start by using a small account size like $100, then increase it gradually to a reasonable amount if you want to maximize your earning potential.

Besides using quarters as a trading tool, forex traders can also use private contracts to lock in a specific exchange rate for a specific future date. This is the same way as futures market participants do their business. The difference between the bid and ask is the amount you will be paid in a trade. The Forex market is a global marketplace. There are many traders worldwide, and a lot can be worth several hundred dollars.

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