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From constantly bursting positions to stable profits 10 years of experience in speculative foreign exchange trading summary

foreign exchange may be a way of life, do a little foreign exchange, you can underst cashbackforexbroker the vast world from a cashback forexher perspective, from another perspective to understand the wonderful life, from another perspective to understand your own pounds foreign exchange forexrebateclubvestment, rather than technology, rather than art, rather than gambling, rather than fighting, rather than doing the plate, rather than doing the plate. How about being a human being every single one of them reflects the color of human nature, the preciousness of character too many people always start out, they fall into the trap of immediately starting the most profitable profit forex rebate club not worth being happy, what is worth being happy is that you do know why profit and how to profit loss is not a bad thing, the real bad thing is that you do not know why you will lose in the foreign exchange guaranteed trader, a year twice the profit is actually not much. And cashbackforexexnessm not a master trader, I can even say Im a master of blowing up positions, the fastest time Ive ever tried to spend only one hour of time to blow up a $5000 position but I still persisted, because I always have a belief in my heart, I think life can not be willing to be mediocre, I think life should be outstanding, so I not only want to survive in the foreign exchange market, but also here to get dignity, and glory I have been in the foreign exchange market since 2007. There is glory I have been in contact with foreign exchange margin trading since 2007, to now also have 10 years, burst the large and small positions estimated at 20 to 30, the capital is about 120,000 U.S. dollars, then just graduated from college I do not know anything, for the future there is no planning, the eve of graduation, I asked the degree of what industry is the most profitable, the answer is financial, and the financial market is the most mature, the largest volume of transactions than The most mature financial market, the largest volume of foreign exchange margin market, so foreign exchange margin trading has become my life career My 10 years of experience in foreign exchange margin trading can be divided into four stages: 2007: exposure to foreign exchange margin continuous losses to burst stage at this time I do not know anything, into an investment consulting firm internship, based on the school to see a few days of stocks, playing a few days of simulated positions to earn a little. played a few days of simulated positions to earn some money, and began to feel that the K line is actually not so abstract, so I did not listen to the teachers advice, all my fortune at the time into the market for $ 1000, a month later I declared bankruptcy Summary: this stage of poor technology, mentality is worse, just the beginning may listen to seniors from the light position entry, but by the feeling, generally will not have a profit, but good luck when the may be profitable for several days in a row due to the lack of understanding of the depth of the market, generally will be in a few consecutive days after the profit will be re-entry, the results of a blowout, regret to beat their chests for people with different comprehension abilities, such a process to repeat different times 2008-2009: there are gains and losses but ultimately still loss of sustained blowout phase (midway through the profit when the withdrawal over profit) this time I finally knew that in the foreign exchange margin market, making money is really not difficult, but to do a stable money words is really not easy, so I read a lot of books, what short term strategy, master manipulator, foreign exchange market sniper what, later I slowly formed their own operating system and trading style, are inseparable from the accumulation of knowledge during this time, my forex trading teacher told me that in the foreign exchange market, 3 years are a Newcomer, this sentence I remembered, so began to become humble and cautious sometimes my account also let some follow the single system to operate, let others to help me to gain profits Summary: This stage learned some lessons from the previous stage, believe that the technical speculators have learned some technology, and in the belief that the fundamental information response also began to fundamental analysis, the grasp of the market has a little feeling at this time of profitable transactions have But learning the technical school of speculators technology is still immature, learning the fundamentals of the traders analytical ability is also still insufficient, and the mentality has not yet been adjusted, so the relative profit trading than in the first stage has increased significantly, the mentality of the bad is also bound to make them do not pay attention to capital management, still often heavy positions, the results are the same as the first stage 2009-2012: there are gains and losses, gains After withdrawing part of the profits still continue to violent position stage, but the overall profit (overall profit is very unstable, and not much profit) at this time I have left the investment company, began to go alone to find some more suitable for my trading characteristics of the doorway summary: this stage of the technical school in technology has been relatively mature, the basic school analysis ability has also improved greatly, but also to control their own good mentality most of the time But this stage is to strong pressure means to suppress their impulses, so it also leads to this result: trading profit single accounted for the vast majority of trading loss single, but the forced suppression of capital management mentality is bound to suddenly burst out of impulse in a certain period of time, the result of a single heavy position may be beaten back to the original point, or lose most of the profit, and then forcefully suppress their control positions, and then repeat the 2012 2017 profit more loss less, profit on time to withdraw part of the profit, sustained and stable profit stage to this time, I am considered to really have their own trading system and trading style, this time I have been able to more professionally distinguish the type of trading suitable for the platform provided by the exchange merchants, from a traders trading record to see this traders mentality, risk control ability, capital management level, etc., and no longer the previous That simply look at the profit to judge and their accounts have also achieved a year to double the level of summary: this stage has been greatly improved, the control of the mind has become a natural adjustment, can calmly wait and screen many specious opportunities, only analysis clearly before entering, and can calmly look at profit and loss, position control has also formed a relatively fixed proportion, in other words, this time I have formed a set of fixed trading patterns and systems, and I need to do is to adhere to their own principles, in full accordance with their own tailor-made trading system to manipulate, so as to be able to achieve stable and sustainable profits the right trading to do things: 1: the direction of the trend to confirm the direction of the confirmation not only daily, or weekly and monthly 2: timing: the timing of the choice is not on the confirmation of the market turn? If not following the wait, if there is action of course to confirm the turn must be tried and tested at the same time is very important to think about the turn is not in line with the general trend, the general direction 3: in accordance with the short-term direction of the direction of the backward, decide to enter the volume of positions, while giving a stop-loss point good money management brings profits, will be greater than excellent trading techniques 4: on the basis of the right to consider increasing the volume of positions in the direction of the error immediately The stop loss is as natural as breathing, cut off the loss and let the profit run 5: The position shows the error, deviating from the original intention of entry, immediately out, seeking the next trade follow the market is the only choice of traders, there is no defeated market, only defeated traders 6: Trading is part of life, do not let trading ruin your life trading is a means not an end many people in this world are in search of goals in the process In the process of seeking the goal, people get lost in the means used to reach the goal, so much so that they finally forget the purpose I think we do not want to do this article is my experience as a person who is committed to struggling in the foreign exchange margin market, of course, I am actually not smart, I spent a lot of time to do from constantly bursting to the current relatively stable winnings, some people may use a very short time to do it, but Some people also need a long time can not do I am grateful for their persistence, but for new people in the foreign exchange margin industry, whether to persist or give up, whether to withstand the torment of burst positions and stop losses, whether to be able to stand the loneliness to spend twice as much time every day to look at the plate to enhance their sense of the plate and I just insist from beginning to end that there will always be a reward for the effort

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