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Forex trading sometimes you have to learn to give up!

One of the very important things for traders forex rebate club to learn to give up for example to give up holding a pos forexrebateclubion when losing money; to give up personal views when looking at the market When we say the word give up, what comes to mind is to let go of the h cashbackforexexness and something falls from the hand So, giving up seems to be losing something This is only the tangible level From the intangible point of view, with the external giving up, the heart actually gains something Something, for example: liberation When a trader is tormented by a losing position and it is hard to let go of it, he is actually trapped by himself inwardly giving birth to various desires, worries, self-doubts, fears The ingredients of this thing are very complex For example, if you lose money and do cashbackforexbroker stop out, very often it is not only that you cant let go of the money, but also that you cant let go of your ego: if I stop out and the price comes back, then wont I look stupid? --Oh, no! I dont want that! The trader is not lightly armed, he carries a heavy burden. If two swordsmen are fighting, and one of them is carrying a plaque on his left arm that reads "the best warrior in the world", and his right arm is carrying his wife, children and house, is it conceivably cashback forex difficult to make a smooth move and thus win? --The heavier you look, the heavier the burden, the easier it is to fail, just like walking a tightrope, the more you want to walk every step neatly and squarely, the more you have to fall, instead of acrobats on the top left and right, as if they are going to fall, but always fall not to lift the weight of the four words, easy to say, hard to do. It is easy to say, it is difficult to do how to lift the weight as light as it is? --The so-called throw away, naturally means to give up the false name or floating surplus, or self-satisfaction, are extremely heavy, should not be forced to carry then we carry the purpose of what is? In order not to lose why not think differently, in order not to lose, we must rely on their own initiative to cling to? --Why not rely on attraction, so that the object sticks to itself and can not be shaken off? How to get this attraction? That is to follow the laws of motion of things Lao Tzu said, the Tao is simple, although small marquis king if you can keep it, the world will be self-bin self-bin what does it mean? Automatically, actively come to you, as the next guest, to attach to you things are so strange, the law is often the opposite of the appearance Laozi repeatedly stressed that the gentleman must be humble under why? The opposite is the power of the Tao of the movement of the Tao, often with the active, purposeful, purposeful efforts to reverse the come the more humble you are, the more credit can not be erased the more you want to go down, the people are inclined to lift you up on the contrary, the more you climb up, stepping on other peoples heads, then the people sooner or later ...... so, want to get something, instead, we must learn to Let go of your hand you to grab, others must grab harder you let go, but instead others will send to your arms the more you want to cut the market, the market must counterattack, all the forces backfire on its body in turn, always cut yourself, left a knife, right a knife, but more and more strong now is the early winter, look around the trees, are actively withering, give up this a spring and summer accumulated by the flashy the more so, the more you can reduce the evaporation of water, thus The less leaves, the wind blows, the resistance is also small, but the branches are not easy to break, can be saved in the cold wind do not want to die, are dead, willing to take the initiative to die, but always can not die or that saying, the opposite of the road to move so, smart people, at the right time, the opposite of the road to move, and then use the power of the road to lift themselves up like a kite in the sky when flying a kite. The reasoning behind stop loss is also the same, stop loss is to give up the loss of the single, but also to give up the risk, give up the possibility of the risk to continue to spread, so out of the dead land so that the stop loss people get the opportunity to live the opportunity to live bad? People look too much at the tangible losses, but ignore the intangible gains by giving up, get, far more than give up a lot of subtlety, in the moment of giving up, in fact, the essence of what? - is the acceptance of the acceptance of the vagaries of market fluctuations, the acceptance of the fact that they are unlucky, the acceptance of the results of the moment if the stop loss is to buy a life, then the stop loss amount is the price of life - life is priceless, so a reasonable stop loss is always worth more than the price, is not it? You can think of a stop-loss action as paying for the cost of a renewed life, so what does the word acceptance bring to mind? Take something, fill a space and the person cant accept it, why? Because there is no space inside him, it is stuffed full of a thing called ego ego everywhere, for example, when looking at the market, as long as it is human, inevitably have their own perspective, position, so get a different point of view and then in order to support their own views, people will use a variety of methods to prove themselves right, to prove that they are a smart person who can see things right, for example, load more technical indicators, or collect more fundamental information this is for learning more and more for the road, is the daily loss of the above similar work, in fact, do not even need us to do, which are individual level countless individuals to do, to the market confluence, become the whole, through the price performance we just need to grasp the whole thing is enough to think, to analyze, is there for the law not to think, not to analyze, but with the help of others Thinking and analysis of the results, and make judgments, is the law of inaction Lao Tzu said, the road is always inaction and inaction, for example, in the natural world, the road does not favor any kind of creature, nor do they particularly want to keep who, oppression who all operate in accordance with the law who should die, go to die so that heaven and earth is not benevolent, all things are ruminants traders are the same, especially trend traders lose money is money, the margin in the account is not money? Your money is money, other peoples money is not money? If you do the wrong direction, the King of Heavens single, but also to lose money so that traders are not benevolent, to hold positions for ruminants hold, if there is a floating profit, take good care of the floating loss, the go also go, without emotion or that, short single is a single, more single is also a single, prefer a certain direction, is not justified once there is a preference, it is loaded with the ego, it is not nothing to say in the end, is to put the sense of self from the transaction In the end, it is to take the sense of self out of trading, it is a big burden, a big drag to have their own views, logic, and not wrong, and not to purely mechanical trading is good to have a set of rigorous logic, from the logical operation to get the point of view, which is consistent then have a point of view after, not obsessed, wrong immediately deny themselves immediately according to the latest situation to amend their views sense of self is there, I think it is difficult to eliminate, but we can work hard, not Obsessing about it, not satisfying it, not taking a life in order to feed it Author: Liu Da 1984 (Zhihu) 

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