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Forex Encyclopedia Foreign Exchange Global Code of Conduct (X)

 Principle 20 Market participants f cashbackforexexnessex rebate club not disclose confidential cashback forex to external parties except in specific circumstances Market participants should only disclose confidential information in specific circumstances These circumstances include, but are not limited to: As a result of trade execution, processing, settlement, updating or clearing needs, to agents, forexrebateclub intermediaries (such as a broker or trading platform) or other market participants to the extent necessary; with the consent of the counterparty or client; in accordance with applicable law or as required by the relevant regulator or government authority; as required by the central bank for policy purposes; where the adviser protects confidential information in the same manner as the market participant to whom it is disclosed Confidential Information market participants may voluntarily choose to share prior positions or trading activity, as long as the information does not involve confidential information from any other party cashbackforexbroker the information is not shared for the purpose of interfering with market functions or impeding the price discovery process, or supporting other manipulative or collusive activities market participants may only ask for confidential information in accordance with Principle 20 in deciding whether to release confidential information, market participants take into account applicable law, as well as any agreed restrictions that may limit the release II. Communications Principle 21 Market participants should communicate in a manner that is clear, accurate, professional, and not misleading Communications should be easily understood by the intended recipient Therefore, market participants should use language that belongs to, and is appropriate for, the audience language and avoid the use of ambiguous terms To ensure the accuracy and integrity of information, market participants should: attribute information originating from third parties (e.g., news services); clearly present opinions as opinions; not convey misinformation; exercise judgment when exploring rumors that may affect the direction of prices, identify rumors as rumors, and not not spread or create rumors for the purpose of influencing the market or deceiving other market participants; not provide misleading information for the purpose of protecting confidential information, such as executing partial orders accordingly, and if asked, market participants should refuse to disclose whether the transaction is for the full amount, rather than misleadingly claiming it is for the full amount market participants should be aware that employees are representing the company, when communicating and the broader industry Principle 22 Market participants should communicate market conditions appropriately and should not disclose confidential information The timely transmission of market conditions among market participants through the exchange of market, viewpoint, and anonymous and consolidated stream information in general helps to create an efficient, open, and transparent foreign exchange market In terms of how to appropriately share market conditions In terms of this, the firm should provide clear guidelines for employees Communications should be specifically limited to information that is effectively integrated and anonymous To this end: Communications should not include specific client names, other mechanisms for communicating client identities or trading patterns to external parties (e.g., containing codes associated with specific market participants), or information specific to any individual client; The client base, the positions and strategies should refer to aggregate levels and should not enable market participants to derive potentially confidential information from them; communications should be limited to shared assured market views and levels, and should not disclose information about individual trading positions; order flow should be disclosed only by range of quotes, not by precise quotes associated with individual clients or orders, and should refer to the aggregate picture in terms of trading volume, rather than publicly reporting trading activity; selection interests should not be publicly reported and should only be explored in terms of widely available structures and subject matter interests; references to execution times should be in aggregate, unless relevant trading information is widely available; when referring to information about the status of orders (including consolidated and anonymously placed orders) to clients, market Participants need to exercise caution so as to protect the interests of other market participants (particularly where multiple orders exist at the same level, or where there are minimal differences between orders); Market participants should not request confidential information in the course of providing or receiving market information Principle 23 In terms of permitted means and channels of communication, market participants should provide employees with clear guidelines market participants should communicate through permitted communication modes that allow tracking, auditing, record keeping, and access control regardless of the communication mode used, information security standards should apply where possible, market participants should maintain permitted communication modes, and it is recommended that sales and trading platform communication channels be documented, especially when the channels are used to process In exceptional circumstances (e.g., in the case of an emergency, in order for the business to continue to operate), market participants should coordinate arrangements to allow the use of undocumented communication lines, but should provide guidance to employees regarding the permitted use of such undocumented lines or equipment

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