Home Forex chart technical pattern analysis study 6 - bearish and bullish pointed flag

Forex chart technical pattern analysis study 6 - bearish and bullish pointed flag

bear cashbackforexexnessh pointed forex rebate club and rectangular cashbackforexbroker, pointed flag is also formed after a strong trend of sustained patterns after a round of large uptrend or downtrend, buyers or sellers before further pushing the forexrebateclub cashback forex in the direction of the previous run, usually will take a little breather in view of this, the exchange rate will usually experience a small period of consolidation, and the formation of a small We call this a sharp triangle, we call it a sharp flag in the price is still in the process of consolidation, more buyers or sellers usually intend to enter into a strong trend, which will drive the exchange rate to break out of the sharp flag pattern sharp flag formation is almost straight down in the market after the exchange rate experienced a sharp decline, some short positions choose to close, while other shorts intend to join the current shorting team, which will drive the exchange rate into the A small period of finishing as long as there are enough shorts to enter the market, the exchange rate fell below the bottom of the sharp flag and further down is sooner or later as you can see, after the exchange rate fell below the bottom of the pattern, the previous downtrend announced a restart (forex cloud server  www.waihuibang.com/forexvps/) how do we trade this pattern How? Our advice is to set up short orders below the bottom of the pointed flag, stop loss is set above the flag The advantage of such a setup is that if the downside breakthrough is a false breakthrough, we will be the first to leave the field before we cover the technical pattern, the breakthrough after the volatility of almost the same height as the pattern, but the pointed flag pattern and the above pattern is different, the pointed flag pattern breakthrough after the rise or fall is greater usually We use the previous run (what we know as a flagpole) to measure the target level of the exchange rate after a breakout move Bullish pointed flag pattern Bullish pointed flag pattern, as its name suggests, it means that the upward trend is about to start again This means that after a short period of consolidation, when the market has accumulated enough long positions, the price will restart a rapid upward movement In this case, the exchange rate after a short In this case, the exchange rate experienced an almost vertical upturn after a short consolidation period We can hear the cheers of the bulls, do you hear them? As we expected, after the breakout of the pattern, the exchange rate appeared a new round of strong upward market we can set long orders above the sharp flag, and set a stop loss below the bottom of the flag to prevent the emergence of false breakouts and we have discussed before, rising sharp flag breakout after the rise is about the height of the previous flag pole, or the earlier rise Although sharp flag patterns are not large, but they are able to advance send out big price fluctuation signals, so dont underestimate the role of the pointed flag shape!

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