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Foreign exchange veteran tell me how I use averages to trade when speculating in foreign exchange

today to talk about a lot of friends to my message said that they want to underst forexrebateclub the averages averages th forex rebate club thing is a lot of people like to use indicators, regardless of new veterans like averages a lot, I personally also like to use averages I read through a lot of Baidu posts, articles have a lot of descriptions of the averages, but I think those are said to be very one-sided and superficial and a lot of techniques are despised by investors. One-sided and superficial and a lot of technology is a lot of despised by investors, such as the golden fork dead fork so what is the charm of the average? Today Im going to throw in the towel and say something I mean to play the average of more people, then the natural experts must also be more, I hope that the experts have their own unique insights to exchange with me, and common progress So what is the nature of the average? I write today to elaborate on the method of ordinary we see the method and then point out its hard, in addition to give its way of thinking First of all, lets talk about the golden fork dead fork cashbackforexbroker should be any newcomer to the financial trading cashback forex the most into the field to see a technology, cashbackforexexness only in the average on this statement and play, in the indicator also has this play is basically a fast line from the bottom up through the slow line is called a golden fork, fast line from Up and down through the slow line is called a dead fork (fast line is a line with small parameters, slow line is a line with large parameters, because the parameters are small, such as the 5-day SMA compared to the 10-day SMA, then the parameters of the five days is small then the five days is fast line relative to the 10-day SMA ten days is slow line) gold fork more dead fork empty! This way of playing the obvious hard wound, is slow to react, through that moment easy to produce drift accuracy is not high! So why will produce this kind of result of the emergence of the golden fork dead fork is actually a wave of rising market out, to a certain extent, the strength of the rising effort, there will be a pullback, oscillation or reversal, this time there will be a dead fork short quotes are the same, the empty strength of the best effort will be a long pullback or reversal then there will be a golden fork then the key question comes, how do you know the emergence of the golden fork dead After the fork is a retracement or reversal or shock? How to go in the future we can not know, if this golden fork is a retracement you do more than a single, then the market a while and along the previous short go, you are not pitted? We can see the following chart inside a variety of pits, if you purely by the gold dead fork to predict the market, you do not lose can not I do not also recommend the gold dead fork play, of course, he also has the merit of this and with the mean to judge the trend has a lot of similarities, we talk about the mean and trend to talk about this, the common ground we know the mean and trend believe that there are many friends are using the mean to judge the trend, then how to use Average to determine the trend, this should use the average of friends know is that you set one or several xx parameters of the average to serve as a dividing line above the average for more, under the average for empty I said here there will certainly be some eager friends began to spit, this method also has the betrayal? This method of hard is often false breakthrough, and can not be predicted yes the market does, and see the following chart, is this kind of many I have marked out with circles! Above the averages is more than a single word then meet, I circle the situation, he just false breakthrough not long ago and return to go along the previous trend this foster to break? Whether it is a line two lines or multiple lines, there will be this situation then today I will point out a thought for you to solve this problem the following chart if you use xx parameters averages to determine the trend PS: this parameter certainly can not be a small cycle of averages what 10 20 30 days, such averages because the period is too small so he is basically pasting the average in the walk, such averages can not Clearly point out the trend of the market, of course, small-period averages can also indicate a small trend, but this case more signals, high frequency, more false signals you go by this result naturally low success rate I used in the following chart is the 200-day average (I play myself when not with 200 just an example) look at the following three charts, I gave two examples of the conditions, the third is not eligible probably means that when the market After you set up a mean line through the span of the upper and lower is required to reach a certain percentage to meet the conditions, that is, between 1 and 2 is required a length of the proportion, if not more than this length of the formation of the trend is easy to fail specific values I will not elaborate, in other words, when using the mean line to judge the market do not market a little through the mean line on the blind judgment of the market to form more or empty trend by The above paragraph, write the trend of this paragraph will also lead to a problem estimated that many people want to ask the assumption that a market formed at the time of the 1 hour you said the hypothetical short trend but 4 hours is a long trend, then how to determine whether this is short or long, this problem we have to look at my previous post writing trend is not concerned about the formation of a standard time cycle in the end is a long or Short, but at the moment you want to operate which cycle, you go to see the trend of this cycle, before and after the cycle is only to this cycle to complement it, such as this side of the mentioned you see a short trend in 1 hour and there is in line with your system of entry, 4 hours is long, then you will operate your single in 1 hour you can do a good job of your 1 hour single, take a good hour you should take the profit, set your suitable 1 hour stop loss on it! For example, if you look at the gold monthly chart weekly chart, gold or has been long, but now is for more than a number of retracement, then we should go to do more in these years? Definitely not it, should follow the trend of the cycle you operate at the moment to do it this point is very critical !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since the trend found, then the next direct access to the core of the average place we defined the trend of the short and long, then how to do single? The formation of the trend can do? Definitely not the trend is just to tell you the direction, the entry or to find the entry point, or a big pullback on the loss and the trend will change at any time, the market is ever-changing, the entry point is not good stop-loss points are bound to be bad, so in case the market suddenly shifts a big stop loss, is not the pit dead? In the use of averages when many people are initially in contact with what the golden fork dead fork, or say, support resistance, and so on! In fact, that is only the average of the least impressive technology, he simply can not reflect the magical place of the average, however, the most powerful place is that he can reflect the rhythm of the market, the following chart you can see the market once in the 200-day average began to fall, if you find the trend, and then find the rhythm, is not how to place a single becomes very clear Then the question arises, some friends will ask How do you know that the market will hit the average line on the decline? Which averages are suitable for so much of the market? Here it is said to be more detailed technology when the market hit a certain average, he will not form a rise or fall, here you need to combine the size of the cycle to verify, sometimes need to combine the form to verify, sometimes the market is suitable for wave to assist, sometimes with Bollinger band assistance, and sometimes even use simple algorithmic trading to enhance the signal, which depends on the market when the time to go when it is appropriate to use what to use What specific I will not say fine, these are too specific as long as you remember one thing, the market in a certain cycle he will come out of a similar rhythm, this is very important, we play mean or play a lot of methods are derived from this theory point play mean is also the same, this theory in the mean performance is that he will often touch a mean after the rise or fall of this is the core of the mean and the key! Need new friends to observe more than found! Are there other ways to play the averages? There must be, such as support resistance, he actually also shows the market support resistance, this I will not say more, to Baidu a search, a large a lot and what what the average warfare, xx average play, Gu Bi line and so on play a lot but no matter what play, are inseparable from the average of the several questions is when the market through the average trend began to reverse how to define whether it really through? When the market hit in an average line blocked, when he really blocked? These 2 problems are a lot of play inside not to mention the problem, however, is also the most difficult to solve the problem I see a lot of friends playing the mean will play this way above set some mean below set a macd like my chart below and then generally they are waiting for the mean to cross after the macd energy column below also flip after short, this kind of problem is like I just mentioned the entry paragraph of the problem, this time If you do not use the rhythm of the averages to find the entry, then it is easy to be back to play stop loss, and then the market then move forward in the direction you expected before many friends in playing Gu Bi line is also the same, if not to solve the Gu Bi line under the chart and the problem of entry, is also unable to reach a certain degree on the averages of the last point many people say that the averages meet oscillation how to do that why you want to use the averages when the oscillation do single it? Why do you want to do a single when the rhythm of the market does not go on the average? The market is in the average line on the time of the mess through the single necessary?  Shock has the play of shock, that is the form of things, from the perspective of the analysis of the form of the market, the market is actually 2 kinds, one is called unilateral, one is called shock then the form is produced when the unilateral or when the shock is produced? It is definitely a time of oscillation, so we go looking for the end of the oscillation point is not to do a wave of unilateral it? This is the core idea of the pattern today is just a preview of the program, we will have time to talk about the pattern today, the average to write this side, in a few words, can not exhaust the essence of the average, but also can not express these years to play the average of the realization of many things can really only be understood, like the "I Ching" everything law are included in a few words, so subtle things, if the average person to study at least is A slow journey of a dozen or two decades and still learn more than enough! Financial technical analysis of this thing, play into many times many people are difficult to extricate themselves, when you can break through the barrier, you may find that all technology are floating clouds a point if you understand perhaps like Hui Neng ancestor, instant enlightenment into Buddha, the worlds knowledge all clear I have taught some friends technology, and many touch communication, I found that the most missing is not technical knowledge, but thinking, thinking is lacking to think about the problem It will become very very one-sided and superficial and even scoff at technology, is the technology useless? I have seen some people who have been playing with technology for years to make stable profits, those who are playing with a certain 1.2 kinds of technology to the peak of the people, of course, technology to play to the end are required to quantify, each step is quantified, not by the feeling of these peoples technology is also standardized I often see some people borrowing, financing, credit card to engage in this look I shake my head more than, I do not know this thing But it is not a violent money-making thing, he is just a financial management, this market has no profitable people by this? Of course, there are, only a rare hairs, do not think they are the rare hairs, Gods favor capital management is not only for the position, but also for their own hands those money, and place orders and cherish

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