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Foreign exchange trading position control and capital management techniques

Scientific foreign exchange cashbackforexbrokervestment methods forexrebateclub scientific position opening and exit behavior forex rebate club inseparable, scientific position opening, exit behavior to a large extent can avoid numerous risks, so that the risk factor of capital cashbackforexexness is minimized Although in theory its negative factors may also bring a moderate reduction in profits, but the foreign exchange market is a high-risk investment market to determine the capital investment Must consider the issue of security, to protect the security of the original investment cashback forex is the fundamental investment, in the case of the original capital security to obtain the inevitable investment profits, is the scientific and sound investment strategy Generally speaking, the act of building a position is divided into three main capital investment mode: simple investment mode, compound investment mode, portfolio capital investment mode three modes specific use of the method is as follows: I. Simple input mode  Simple input mode: simple input mode is generally speaking two two configuration, that is, the investment of funds is always half position operation for any market input to maintain the necessary, maximum vigilance, always adhere to the half position behavior, for the foreign exchange market risk investment first strive to achieve invincibility, always adhere to the use of funds proactive right In the event of a loss of investment, if you need to The act of filling positions, the investment behavior of the funds retained is also two two configuration, rather than a one-time position, two two configuration is the basis of the simple input method model, simple but with a certain degree of security and reliability but the disadvantage of the two-point system is that the investment behavior to a certain extent lack of enthusiasm Second, compound investment model Compound investment model: compound investment model of investment is more complex, strictly speaking, there are a variety of levels of division 1. The three-part system mainly divides the capital into three equal parts, and the act of building positions is always completed in three times, and the intervention is done one by one, and the act of building positions is judged to be a certain area for large capital, so the act of building positions is a certain periodicity The act of building positions in the three-part system generally retains one-third of the risk capital, and the act of building positions in the three-part system is more active compared to the two-part system. In the case that two-thirds of the capital invested in the trichotomous system has finished building positions and obtained certain profits, the remaining one-third of the capital retained can have a more positive investment attitude. The investment model of the trichotomous system is not complicated and is more scientific than the dichotomous system. The disadvantage of the three-point system is that the risk control is lower than the risk control ability of the two-point system. 2. The six-point system is a relative combination of the basic features of the two-point system and the three-point system, and actively play the advantages of the two models and the formation of the six-point system of position building behavior. ladder is 1 unit both accounting for 1/6 of the total funds, B, the second ladder accounts for 2 units both accounting for 1/3 of the total funds, C, the third ladder is 3 units both accounting for 1/2 of the total funds The position building behavior of the sextant system is relatively flexible and is an effective combination of the funds of the three ladders of A, B and C. It can be divided according to the market in accordance with (A, B, C) (A, C, B) (B, A, C) (B, C, A) ( C, A, B) (C, B, A) six combinations of the use of funds, but in the use of the process regardless of that combination, the last group is the risk funds, while regardless of the ladder, the intervention of funds must be in each unit progressively in the use of A, B, C three ladder of funds at the same time can also be used in the use of B-order funds with two points system, the use of C-order funds using the three-point system, so that more comprehensive The six-point system is a relatively flexible, safe and reliable mode of capital investment, in the investment behavior combined with the advantages of the above two methods, but the disadvantage is that the procedure in the use of the process is somewhat complex Third, the combination of funds investment model The combination of funds investment model and the perspective discussed earlier is not exactly the same, strictly speaking, not the amount of funds to divide, but the cycle of investment behavior to divide the funds, mainly divided into long, medium, short-cycle three investment patterns to determine Generally speaking, the overall capital is divided into four equal parts, namely, long, medium and short capital and four parts of risk control capital. The decision makers decision risk is controlled, so the decision making and scientific position building behavior are inseparable position building behavior is not a single mode, each mode has its own advantages and disadvantages, but in relative comparison, the division method of sextant is more scientific, but the more scientific method may be more complex, so in complex cases, we use sextant to divide the funds to invest in foreign exchange, while using Dichotomous, trichotomous control principle to do the capital input analysis is relatively simple, so as to simplify the complexity of the foreign exchange after buying, it faces the problem of exit, the value of the ticket is always virtual value, foreign exchange through the virtual input and throw, so as to complete the process of return of funds, foreign exchange exit faces several key issues: a condition is in the case of a limited profit: 1), in the limited (non-limited ) in the limited time to complete the expected profit 2), in the limited time did not complete the expected profit 3), in the limited time to produce less than the requirements of the closing line (the plan to bear the range of losses generally 10% as a closing line) loss 4), in the limited (non-limited) time to exceed the amount of profit planned 5), limited time, did not complete the amount of profit, but no loss, etc. In addition In the non-limited time, profit conditions of the investment behavior relatively few, so do not make a focus on these factors for foreign exchange out of the field, almost all to encounter the situation, so the foreign exchange out of the behavior is more complex, completely in accordance with the decision of the decision maker a one-time out of the behavior, not rigorous, scientific investment attitude, may bring more negative factors, so the foreign exchange sell is also to have Rigorous, scientific method, only the scientific method of good use, the scientific investment behavior for foreign exchange is a more systematic, complete, sensible investment behavior The following will be a variety of cases of foreign exchange exit behavior to elaborate 1, (1) in the limited time to complete the expected profit is firmly liquidated (2) in the non-limited time to complete the profit in advance of the field 2/3, or out of the field of foreign exchange overall funds for The principal amount invested 2, in the limited time did not complete the expected profit then firmly liquidate the special circumstances if the market in the decision-making level of the judgment, it is necessary to continue to hold, then the first 1/2 out of the market, in order to prevent errors in judgment may bring adverse and passive situation, the remaining 1/2 position must be out of the specified range 3, in the limited time to produce losses, but the loss situation does not reach the expected Close line requirements, then out of the field 2/3, in order to prevent the overall capital loss to close the requirements, while using the funds out of the field to properly cover the low positions 4, (1) in the limited time to exceed the expected profit is all out of the field (2) in the non-limited time to complete the expected profit in advance of the overall capital out of the foreign exchange for the principal plus the sum of the expected profit other can continue to hold 5, in the expected time no The above is a conditional foreign exchange out of the overall principle, but the specific out of the market on the disc is more complex, often not a one-time out of the behavior, generally speaking out of the decision after its foreign exchange shipping behavior mostly using the 6-point system of buying method of (C, B, A) combination to sell foreign exchange so that the foreign exchange from the most capital level gradually thrown out, is more scientific The scientific method of opening and exit behavior is very important to effectively apply to the securities investment market, it is an important step and an important part of the investment in foreign exchange, for the safety and reliability of the investment provides a certain technical guarantee, for the opening and exit behavior due to the different perspectives of the review, the views are very different, but one determines the final use of the method, in the process of implementation is and its Strictly in addition, even if the scientific means and methods of investment have their drawbacks, this is because the foreign exchange market is ever-changing, scientific methods are not applicable everywhere, but we encounter such situations, such as not buying or not out of the foreign exchange, but in the flexible use of the limits, can not be because of the emergence of special circumstances to completely change the operation of the subject plan

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