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Foreign exchange trading for the loss of a single we should do

Do forexrebateclubg t cashbackforexbrokeransactions, many foreign exchange traders often encounter such a situation: the price level did cashback forex appear as expected, after a loss can not hold a single problem, after the trend may return to the expected trend, may also escape a wave of reverse pull-up, the idea was that since there forex rebate club a loss, it proves that my point of view is perhaps problematic, my entry level is problematic, it can not hold a single, very early out, the profit The single is to take a good, sometimes profitable single can get a loss, in fact, we also know that there is a problem, but there is no answer that can directly hit the heart, in the end, how to pinch the range of losses have to say that the above problem, is particularly common in the trading market in fact, to put it simply, there is no clear quantitative, cashbackforexexness there is no clear implementation criteria to summarize the problem: entry "by reason"; after entering the market "by feeling", which is not logical ah (I was hungry, want to go to dinner, with 100 yuan to go out, passing HM saw clothes on sale ......) we Many traders hold positions to watch the profit and loss figures change when the change of mind, nervous, fantasy can return to capital can profit that is, has been led by the nose by the changes in the market, you trading account, or account trading you ah?  This problem is the mentality and behavior habits on the problem, many traders are a very need to give external stimulus passive personality, more spontaneous with the action of the person itself from the perspective of trading execution, this character is often a problem The reality of a similar embodiment is: the development of a very good fitness plan, the results of the actual implementation of always be outside conditions interference, such as buddies The phone call about the wine, then less exercise a day it but in the transaction, this thing problem is expanded from the perspective of money management (the basic of trading), divided into psychological management and risk management money management methods can be searched online to a lot, the Foreign Exchange Institute also has a lot, you can search to see but as I said, many peoples problems come more from the implementation level, that is, the behavior behavior from the implementation of your level. The most effective way is to tell him that your randomness, your emotional management ability leads me not to trust you, if you are the capitalist of this account, you will let you such a trader manage your account? (Give yourself an answer in your mind first, no excuses! No conditions! The only two answers are "you would love to" or "you would hesitate or even refuse"!) If you give yourself the latter answer, please go to your daily diary and trading notes and then learn to use the list to manage their own behavior  Example:  8:00 statistics trading strategy, draw a good auxiliary line in the plate; 8:30 calculate the amount of entry positions for each trading strategy, and set the entry and exit conditions; 8:55 pour water, trim;  8:58 hanging single;  9:15 the hanging single situation screenshot sent to risk control, upload to the cloud;  9:30 trim, free arrangements;  10:00 report positions in accordance with your trading style, decide your working time conditions, the requirement is that each entry must have clear entry conditions (time, trend, space ) and any of the above conditions out of your strategy quantitative range immediately unconditionally leave the field! In short is to make a list of the next days work plan every day, and then complete it according to time, and draw a check mark after completion, (recommend a software I have also been using: Wonderful list (click here to download)) after the close of the upload cloud:  1, todays list of implementation results;  2, the next days list of implementation plans;  3, the days trading results (not required profit and loss, only (required to record the results completed according to the plan, the implementation of how many percent) which implemented, which did not implement, why? At that time not to implement what is in the mind?  4, and then write a diary, record the change of mind, write truthfully, for example, before a student wrote a sentence "suddenly found today less 5 cigarettes, feel solid"  5, weekly statistics, monthly summary, upload the cloud (there are many traders of self-media is these contents)  Slowly, you will also be able to have some self-control over behavior, but also slowly notice their own changes, and which ideas are childish Once a participant (more than 50 years old) and I talked, said live half a lifetime, always think what to do what is the nature, brash, only men! But really plan things in doing, although at first very unpleasant, but over time, it feels very solid, people are also more confident! Slowly on their own assured, my daughter-in-law dared to put 500 yuan in my wallet ...... So ah, say so much, in fact, the problem on the two words: the biggest feature of the random market is actually its freedom! You can do whatever you want! But in the real world there will be a whole lot of things that bind you, such as laws, such as public opinion, such as morality, such as your team, your leadership, your wife, your father your mother, your teacher, your mother-in-law, your salary, they will give you the invisible formation of behavior norms ...... but in the market, nothing! You have to control yourself, so most people are like wild horses off the reins this is its anti-human characteristics it fluctuates every day, you also do not have a characterization, can correctly understand their own behavior is strange! Do more self-discipline, read books on psychology, and plan your own behavior properly! Dont make excuses, dont have a fluke mentality, how to do the strategy on how to implement, long-term do not make money, that is the problem of the strategy, to learn the technology, to learn the method, this is a good solution! But if you cant solve the problem of emotional management and self-discipline, oh, you are Jesus reincarnated may not be able to do anything worthwhile (if I say heavy, ignore this on the good)   Also, point a question: about the problem of stop loss in forex trading wrong! This is the most normal thing! Not bad would be strange! So before you enter the market your analysis is to determine how to leave the field! The purpose of your entry is to leave the market! In other words, in what case is wrong, this you must be particularly clear! Do "If the current position does not come above XXXX points before 14:00, immediately close the position, if above XXXX points, immediately move the stop loss to XXXX, and then tomorrow at 14:00 points if the price does not come above XXXX points, close the position", must be so clear! You need to quantify: time, trend, space, you need to control your psychological changes, self-confidence, self-discipline, no reservations, unconditional ...... and only no profit and loss margin! That one is false!

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