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Foreign exchange trading day and settlement day

trading cashbackforexbroker forex rebate club the day the foreign exchange buyers and sellers reached a deal whether spot, forward, futures or opti cashbackforexexnesss, swaps, foreign exchange cashback forexs between the two sides must be traded on the way, amount, currency, etc. to reach a certain formal agreement (oral or written), the formal agreement is the day of the transaction is also equivalent to the general economic transactions in the contract signing day What is Settlement forexrebateclub? Settlement date is the actual date of delivery of foreign exchange transactions, so sometimes also known as the settlement date spot transactions are generally in the second working day after the transaction date here first explain the working day, as the name suggests, working days is the bank work, open for business days For example, a spot transaction reached on Monday, then on Wednesday delivery; if it is reached on Thursday, we have to deliver on the following week on Monday ( If there are other legal holidays such as "May Day" within two working days of the trading day, it is also postponed in the same way. Note that this rule is generally not suitable for transactions between customers and banks, i.e., transactions between customers and banks are generally always settled on the same day. If a one-month forward foreign exchange transaction is concluded on June 21, then the settlement date will be June 23 (corresponding to the settlement date of the spot transaction) and pushed back one month - July 23. If there is no business day after July 23 (in this case) (i.e.... If there are no more working days after July 23, you have to work backwards to find the first (nearest) working day of the settlement date of the forward transaction. For example, a two-month forward transaction reached on March 26, the corresponding spot settlement date is March 28 and it is the last business day of March, then the forward transaction should also be the last business day of May, for example, May 31 expiration of foreign exchange futures, options settlement date is generally made by the corresponding exchange where it is clearly defined

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