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Foreign exchange traders speculate in foreign exchange to get started do not know the stop-loss method

cashbackforexexness forexrebateclub investors speculate in foreign exchange how to be able to effectively profit forex rebate club all foreign exchange traders are very concerned about the core issue of speculation in foreign exchange to achieve effective profit investors not only have to have excellent foreign exchange trading skills, but also to have experience in controlling risk stop loss is speculation in foreign exchange control risk must master one of the cashback forexs 1. Before buying and selling, it is clearly planned to lose only how many points for the stop loss out of the market This is a good method of money management, but also mechanical, so the use of the premise is that traders must have a win rate higher than 60% of the model, while ensuring that the total number of points of profit is higher than the total number of points of stop loss Secondly, to the market operation of the volatility of the nature of a deep understanding of the market trend has a comprehensive judgment 2. Programmed indicators refers to the traders own indicators designed according to price, time, money, trend, and then according to their own indicators to buy and sell, when the indicators no longer exist to buy and sell signals, it will immediately stop or exit the transaction Its advantage is to overcome human weakness, as long as the indicators are no longer for the signal to buy and sell, there is no reason or justification to continue to stay in the market to do business, to immediately stop profit or stop loss, waiting for the next opportunity 3. technical stop-loss method more complex is the technical stop-loss method it is the combination of stop-loss settings and technical analysis, after eliminating the random fluctuations in the market, in the key technical level to set a stop-loss single, so as to avoid further expansion of losses this method requires investors to have strong technical analysis and self-control technical stop-loss method compared to the previous methods on the foreign exchange investors requirements are higher, it is difficult to find a fixed There are several more flexible stop-loss methods that require investors to make their own flexible response to the trend in a timely manner 1. initial point stop-loss method in the buy foreign exchange before the pre-set stop-loss position, for example, at 3% or 5% below the purchase price (short term, medium-term should not exceed 10% at most), once the price effectively fell below the stop-loss position, then immediately leave the field Here the said effective fall, generally refers to 20 to The capital preservation stop-loss method, once the price is long, the price is rising rapidly, the initial stop-loss price should be adjusted immediately, the stop-loss price moved up to the capital preservation price, this method is very applicable to the actual operation 3. trend stop-loss method to a real-life effective trend line or moving average as a reference coordinate, observe the price run, once the price effectively fall through the trend line or average, then immediately leave the field 4. unconditional stop-loss method Regardless of the cost, take the road to escape the stop loss is called unconditional stop loss when the market fundamentals have taken a fundamental turn, foreign exchange investors should abandon any illusions, regardless of the cost of killing out, in order to save strength, choose the opportunity to fight again fundamental changes are often difficult to reverse the deterioration of the fundamentals, investors should be decisive, cut positions out of the above is the forex trader speculation foreign exchange introductory stop loss method, I hope Investors can flexibly use these methods when trading in the foreign exchange market

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