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Foreign exchange trader fire blue investment want stable profits must have their own trading logic

forex rebate club was 16 years old to take the college entrance exams were admitted to military schools, military school life cashbackforexbroker very hard than reformers are worse, work, study, training, disaster relief, all kinds of physical work, the human world … …, finally I persisted, 23-year-old masters degree, became a grassroots comm forexrebateclub officer, later And then to the authorities, colleges and universities for a period of time, and then transferred to local work army experienced pain and suffering, it is difficult to express in words, but it is also these sufferings for me to strengthen the foundation, so that I can experience major setbacks in the futures leveraged cashbackforexexness and not fall  a contact futures, I was in Nanjing to study PhD, there is an old friend doing futures broker because the margin is not enough to find me to borrow money, she introduced me to the I feel that futures trading is very interesting, the numbers jump up and down, there seems to be a pattern, feel good easy to make money I then opened an account, deposit 80,000 yuan RMB, trading rubber, the first day earned, but two days later lost more than 40,000, rushed to withdraw my ignorance of the beginning of the futures cashback forex, invested 80,000, three days lost more than 40,000, when I panicked after fleeing the market, but I remember The futures market is a place where you can make a lot of money, but I did not remember the loss, which is naked human nature  After that I did not touch the futures, until later I encountered a major setback, I feel that my future is uncertain, at this time I thought of futures trading, think leveraged trading can help me achieve my life dream I am in the army often contact with the head and the leadership of the authorities, and very good at dealing with such interpersonal relationships This is speculation, but also a kind of leverage trading futures can be said to help me regain the balance of life, leverage trading began to carry my life dream, but he would later bring me so much suffering, I did not expect at the time of leverage trading in the magnification of your dream at the same time, but also magnifies your greed, fear and pain, magnifies all your shortcomings; with leverage to magnify the dream like a soap bubble burst at the touch The dream amplified with leverage is like a soap bubble that will burst at the touch of a button, while the amplified suffering is actually following you every day. If I were given another chance to choose again, I would not choose futures trading, I would stay in the army and work honestly, but sadly life is not if  I began to learn various futures trading theories, candlestick charts, wave, western trading technical analysis, delta, Adam, etc., and began to read Gann, Jesse • Livermore, Warren Buffett, Soros, Krogher. I have a great advantage that I like to learn and think, I also know that to do well in futures trading you must first learn to learn while the process of trading is a process of following the chart, I kept learning, kept trading, kept losing money, fortunately, at that time I did not have too much money, which controlled my absolute losses at first I did rubber, copper, not enough money Do soybean oil, and then not enough to do sugar, and then not enough to do fuel oil, and then not enough to do soybeans, soybean meal, and then not enough to do corn … … I do not remember how many times I failed in futures trading, how many times I blew my position, how much money I lost in total, but I never doubted that I would not do well in futures trading, I firmly believe that I will be able to succeed to 2009, I began to win. In 2011, I made back all the money I had lost before, and I started to participate in the real trading competition, when I used the screen name Towards Deep Blue, and once won the seventh place and also received a telephone interview at that time, I had gradually come into contact with the nature of leveraged trading in the futures market, but did not yet have my own mature trading system, when I judged that commodities had entered a big bear market, and rubber, cotton and copper were likely to return to the original bottom, but I did not continue to short commodity futures. I did not continue to short commodity futures, but turned to foreign exchange trading  I then judged that the dollar to enter a big bull market, which gave me the idea of trading the dollar can earn huge profits, I began to trade in China Merchants Bank euro dollar options, the best one trade with $ 2,000 earned more than $ 20,000, and later lost all the money earned, I blame the reason for the commission is too high, the trading cycle is too short I In the Eastern Airlines Financial account to do more dollar index futures, the dollar index rose to 84 when I earned more than ten times, when the dollar index broke through 84 for the third time, I think the opportunity came, gold to increase positions, the dollar index fell more than 1200 points after Bernankes speech that night, and the next morning fell more than 1300 points, overnight burst, and almost lost all the money, the feeling of heartache for life, the heart is very The first time I really felt the risk of high leverage trading I thought I was very close to success, but still back to square one I now understand, accurate judgment of long-term trends and good leverage trading is really two different things, the two are too far apart the first stage of the start of the big market, the probability will go very repeatedly, high leverage heavy trading is almost impossible to earn money  I do not have their own trading Logic, but also failed to really understand the leverage trading, overnight loss of all their own money is inevitable I am very stubborn, once the decision, more difficult will continue to do, I later is 10,000 U.S. dollars, 10,000 U.S. dollars to do more dollar index futures, 10,000 U.S. dollars all lost and then continue to invest, probably also invested 4, 5 times, until the end of June 2014 market outbreak in the process of trading, I constantly look for driving the dollar up a variety of factors, observe the impact of each factor changes over time on price fluctuations, compare the difference between, as a way to determine the state of the market, and then decide their positions experienced too many times not the same, I feel the dollar index big market began to start, I heavy and use the float to increase positions in the dollar index rose to 86.7 before the largest retracement of barely more than 500 points, I from 6 hand dollar index futures to 400 lots, a profit of more than 1.5 million U.S. dollars, and then the dollar index began a sharp pullback, because of previous experience, the first day of the pullback I reduced my position by one-third, after the pullback I am still firmly long, but the position is not so heavy, to December 30, 2014, I closed with the highest point of the live results, a profit of 3 million U.S. dollars, breaking the national futures live competition Quarterly and half-year yield records, this is the real sense of my life through futures trading to earn the first bucket of gold I have learned many kinds of trading theory, but also used many kinds of technical tools, but I think these are not the most important, if you only believe in them, then failure is a matter of time successful trading requires you to have their own trading logic, to form their own trading logic, the most important thing is self-confidence, and to obtain Confidence has two ways, one is to experience a huge victory, the second is to experience countless victories to break the domestic real estate competition earnings record, I really gained confidence, from which I gradually formed their own trading logic  traders in a big win, usually followed by a big defeat, a victory does not mean anything, because doing well may be largely due to luck   A traders ability to control the money is with their own mind, determination to gradually increase, 100 times the leverage of heavy trading, I choose 10 million yuan to start, when it was a little beyond my carrying capacity of the first three months of this year, when the dollar index rose to 95.5, I have been alerted to the dollar index adjusted to 94, I last added positions, holding the dollar index futures contracts nearly 1000 lots When the U.S. dollar index rose to 100 integer mark, profits of more than 10 million U.S. dollars I once tried to exchange the U.S. dollar index futures contracts for far-month options, for this reason also went to Hong Kong twice, because of the Hong Kong Eastern Airlines trading platform failed to achieve, in order to hedge the risk, I transferred away 5 million U.S. dollars in profit I judge the first wave of the U.S. dollar index retracement range in about 3,000 points, also left enough margin, but I did not expect that the futures contract is only a small amount of money. But what I didnt expect was that the futures contract only 4 hours from a 700-point gain to a 2,000-point discount, which is the dollar bull market, ah, the dollar index fell 3,300 points in 4 hours, but the futures contract fell nearly 6,000 points, the process of falling I have been quietly watching, the most extreme time a few seconds down 1,000 points, it is because of these experiences, to know that the market is really anything can happen! If they do not turn away most of the profits, I will once again back to square one  When I feel that the market resumes rising, I will enter a heavy position and floating profits to increase positions, the error of judgment will reduce the position out of gold I am basically a high leverage heavy trading, my position for a long time is 100%, each transaction I put in the money, that is, I can bear the loss of this transaction, in response to adjustments or shocks, my position will Passive reduction, but as long as the trend has not changed, I will always hold a position, as long as the market starts, I must have a position and can quickly add enough to hold a position and constantly test the plate, you can feel the market up close, you can find a different feeling than before when the market is really launched, so you can be brave and decisive  choose heavy trading, not what species can do, but also Not all the time I choose to trade heavily on the dollar index futures, because the dollar index is relatively small single-day fluctuations, and I only traded heavily in the dollar index experienced a sharp retracement after resuming the process of rising from 2011 I began to do more than the dollar index, I always have a position, and only do more  The realm of trading is from the trading system to trading theory, and then to the independent trading Spiritual world, when we can trade every step to the extreme, perfect as the flow of water, focus to a certain level, we will be able to unite with the transaction, which is a kind of forgetfulness, is also a kind of practice futures market is a fast wealth transfer, he does not create wealth, if you know nothing about him, then the result of failure is inevitable see the nature of the futures market, encounter the big market, you may be able to The concept of a stable profit, you must have your own trading logic, many people have trading systems, but no trading logic, the formation of trading logic from self-confidence  For me, there is no such thing as a position, but I have the concept of how much money to lose in each transaction, how much money I put in is the money I am willing to lose, there is nothing to worry about Worry about it, the big deal is lost, otherwise once the loss down, simply can not be closed because of the psychology of holding a fluke, specific quantification, such as a transaction do not lose your normal work a years income is a trader with a certain trading ability, most of his money is also lost in the shock, it is not because of the error of judgment, we do not try to get the trend market 100% of the profits. Some of them must belong to the market, which is our reverence for the market can only be unchanged in response to changes, to static braking, and not without a stop loss, but with an absolute stop loss  fundamental analysis to determine the direction of the market, the final landing is the market price, the market price through a variety of patterns and indicators (K-line pattern combination, the average system, RSI divergence…& hellip;) show I think fundamental analysis is more important, you have to have a clear internal trading logic to trade the U.S. dollar, for example, to understand the state of the U.S. economy, to know which data on behalf of the U.S. economy, to know the attitude of the Federal Reserve, the attitude of the central bank of the relevant currency (euro, yen, pound, Swiss franc) and their countrys economic data, interest rate policy, there is no economic risk & hellip;… these are all components of the trading logic I do the U.S. dollar, to judge the main trend is to rely on fundamentals plus historical charts to assist in looking at historical charts, the dollar is now in a bullish state, has broken through the long-term downward trend pressure line channel, and this time the rise beyond the last decline in the proportion of the global now only the United States and the United Kingdoms economy is still good, European countries and emerging Economies are going downhill, the United States is the strongest comprehensive national power, other countries to ease, the United States to tighten, the general direction out of the specific time to do a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, the central banks statement, the time to take interest rate policy, the release of data, these are determined by the market in what stage, the market stage determines the price position, the price position determines your position opening point, closing point, adding point Therefore, the fundamental analysis is an important part of the trading logic, technical analysis is a verification tool, auxiliary means, only when the two and the market price resonance, grasp is greater; when there is inconsistency, we need to be quiet  Jesse • Livermores "Greatest Players manipulation" the most core concept is that the magnitude of price changes determine the state of the market, and The state of the market determines the trading strategy take the U.S. non-farm payrolls data, sometimes the release of data favorable to the dollar rose, sometimes the release of data favorable to the dollar but fell, sometimes the release of data favorable to the dollar also rose, this is because the market is in a different state  I have always held positions, when I think the market into an uptrend, will be heavy and floating win plus positions, my trading frequency is not high, think the market recovery When I feel that the market is recovering, I keep buying in case of retracement, but do not do reverse transactions, which is a trading system to obtain windfall profits my logic of windfall profits is that when the market comes out of the big market, I have enough positions on hand  The experience of military service has helped me a lot in controlling my trading emotions, so that I can bear the failure of trading, insist on continuing to trade, do not look back, do not give up, encounter great pain can also carry down This is my army to give me the wealth of a saying called heavy potential not price, when the market price starts, I will kill the market price, regardless of the price, do not consider the specific point, but need to determine whether the market is in an up or down trend to determine the state of the market, and then use the appropriate method to do I think the dollar breakthrough, hold as many positions as possible, when the trend is broken, and do not go to deal with me to get out of the gold to stop profit, but also According to the state of the market if the dollar rose to 100, I think there will be a big pullback, I will be out of part of the gold; doubled, will also be out of the gold, to keep their capital  trading mentality, in fact, is Jesse & bull; Livermore said the control of trading emotions, you can hold the single? When faced with shocks and adjustments will you change your mind? The difference between a master and an ordinary trader is whether they can control their trading emotions without interference, not in the trading technology trading technology we all have, but when the market price fluctuations and your analysis of the results of the opposite, you will continue to believe in their own analysis of judgment when you face the reverse movement of the market, you will do what is important trading system including trading emotion control, I want to do a good job of high leverage heavy trading, the first is that I want Accurate judgment of the trend direction and the state of the market, the establishment of the correct trading logic; second is to control their own trading emotions, hold their own single, I can use 100 times the leverage of heavy positions, because I can hold Unfortunately, many big doers finally failed to successfully control the trading emotions, including Jesse & bull; Livermore, of course, until now no one can surpass him, in the face of numerous failures He was able to get back up, but finally once he experienced a failure that he could not afford, he destroyed himself to control trading emotions is the key to determine whether leveraged trading can be successful  The reason for the peak earnings of 1000 times: First, this and my life military experience inseparable, I experienced a lot of suffering and trials in the military, through the test of blood and fire Second, I have experienced numerous trading Failure, loss enough, ten years have nine years are in the big ups and downs in the loss, experienced these can let me quietly face the market fluctuations, hold others can not hold the single third, I especially like to learn, think and analysis; do the dollar index, experienced many times the market is not the same, when the dollar index really began to start, I can accurately judge through analysis, in a relatively safe time cycle decisive heavy attack, I use the float to continuously increase positions, the full position on the pullback, the dollar rose to 86 before, almost no big retracement, the maximum did not exceed 500 points three months I from 6 hands of the dollar index to 400 hands, profits of more than 2 million U.S. dollars fourth, my trading system is used to obtain windfall profits, as long as the market is not over I have been holding positions, when I think the market has a trend market When I think the market has a trend market, I will hit the floating win position, my trading frequency is not high, I think the market recovery, in case of retracement will keep buying, but do not do reverse trading fifth, I am very stubborn, once decided, determined not to turn back, not to give up, and then difficult to do a good job I began to do more than the dollar in 2011, until now, for me, profitable is replicable, as long as there is a big market I have the opportunity, and, I am still in continuous progress I am now learning the Chinese traditional Chinese studies to sedate themselves, so that they meditate, restore their former wounds, regain their lives, the appearance of strong people, the heart is actually fragile, just not to the pain I have experienced three life lows, are standing up, although with the growth of age, my blood and courage will wear off, perhaps I will still experience and encounter life lows, as long as I can respect through the practice of and understanding of their own lives, my trading will certainly be a real success  market in shock, I will be in shock many people in shock choose to leave, and I have their own reasons for not leaving, once the big market starts, I am sure in the car, while they may not get on the car I trade a long cycle, I started trading the dollar index futures in 2011, I think the dollar bull market can still at least continue for three years in the market, you can find from many failed transactions to determine the feeling of the big market start profit figures on the fluctuations, the meaning is not very big, as long as the big market launched when there is a certain position on it, the market came out, the bold strike, heavy floating win plus positions really big market start, I will soon be able to get back the position lost in the shock

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