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forex trad cashback forexg must learn the terminology: forex trading terminology cashbackforexbroker what? Foreign exchange trading is becoming more cashbackforexexness more prevalent, more and more people are flocking to the foreign exchange forexrebateclub as a foreign exchange investor or hope to become a professional foreign exchange trader, before entering the foreign exchange market to start trading, you must learn some specific terminology 【A】 Elliott volatility theory R.N. Elliott used Fibonacci numbers as the basis for the proposed chart theory market fluctuations in the basic pattern The basic pattern of market volatility is composed of 5 up waves and 3 down waves [B] BOEBankofEngland, the central bank of the United Kingdom BOJBankofJapan, the Bank of Japan quotes the forex rebate club of foreign exchange rates if the price of the prompting party simultaneously proposed "buy price ask" (this price to buy) and "sell price offer" (this price to sell), then it is called simultaneous quotes In case of a floating loss on an open margin position, a margin call is required to cover the shortfall if the margin (margin on order) is insufficient Volatility of securities, etc. Price volatility indicates the expected return to the extent expected Volatility is high, the likelihood of deviation from the expected return is high The higher the volatility, the greater the volatility of the price Another variable corresponds to the volatility of one variable means that other variables also fluctuate For example, for long-term bond interest rate changes in price volatility, short-term bond price volatility increases and volatility becomes greater [C] CPI consumer price index with the national average household consumption content as the reference point 100 The magnitude of changes in these consumer price levels is used to observe the national purchasing power over-the-counter (OTC) interbank market off-exchange transaction costs of holding positions Average price of existing positions (Openpositions) in the trading screen shows that the trading positions that exist now [D] spread ① the difference between the bid price (Bid) and the offer price (Offer) prompted by the dealer is "120.00-10 yen", the spread is 10 money ② interest spread • price difference the effective period of the days trading pending transactions to the day New York market until the close of trading expiration date options trading expiration date orders to sell, buy trading spot trading (market spot trading): the market now price intended to sell or buy trading method specified price pending orders / reverse pending orders: specified intended to sell or buy price pending orders short term trading short-term traders in a very short period of time, and within a limited range of volatility to trade hedging in terms of asset utilization Hedge funds are hedge funds that pool investors funds and use computerized systems to magnify the investment ratio of borrowed funds through over-the-counter derivative transactions (financial derivatives: options trading, futures trading) to engage in repeated short-term speculative trading in stocks, bonds, foreign exchange and other commodities to prevent the risk of market declines. The rate and speed of change in the price of momentum [E] ECB 1998 in order to issue the euro currency, as the central bank of the euro area and the establishment of the European Central Bank EMS European Monetary System in March 1979 the European Community in order to achieve monetary unity and the establishment of the monetary system [F] anti-inflation out of the state of inflation, the rate of price increases began to be low, but has not yet reached the state of deflation analysts use technical indicators The state of being in danger, trying, risking, etc. The loss or gain that occurs when the price of a stock is compared with the current market price. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the total amount of added value produced domestically in a certain period of time, is an important indicator that shows the flow of stocks, and is an important indicator for the comprehensive grasp of national economic statistics. GrossNationalProduct) GTC pending a form of term, for an open-ended leverage effect "leverage principle" with a small amount of investment funds as a guarantee, to carry out several times greater than the principal to dozens of times the financing, investment transactions in commodities & bull; financial commodities, that is, high-risk, high-return transactions personal income U.S. personal income, refers to the amount of social security after excluding The actual individual income received by the statistical indicators overnight trading day does not finalize, but will hold positions until the next day factory orders manufacturing order volume consists of ex-factory, inventory, new orders, order balances, etc. Because of the vulnerability to special reasons, so focus on non-defense capital goods orders as a leading indicator, as well as equipment investment country risk country credit risk to a particular country for investment, financing In general, the application system provided by FX companies is a web-based system, which can be used to obtain foreign exchange rates, special transactions, and other trading skills. Therefore, it is not possible to automatically buy and sell functions on the usual trading screen, but it is possible by adding each program [H] Core inflation from the composite inflation index, excluding the food & bull; energy index indicator slippage trading price is not the price at the time of placing a trade order, but a deviation from the direction of investment trading this situation is also known as deviation price Golden cross short-term moving averages from the bottom up through the long-term moving averages, indicating an uptrend into the opposite for the dead cross: short-term moving averages from the top down through the long-term moving averages, indicating a downtrend into the currency depreciation of the currency foreign price reduction of currency revaluation with the changes in economic development, it is difficult to maintain a fixed exchange rate, the use of artificially adjusted exchange rate policy currency groups constitute the foreign exchange rate If the combination of the two currencies of the foreign exchange rate is profitable, the final order will be placed at a higher position than the established price for a buy position, and at a lower position than the established price for a sell position [I] [J] The cross rate is calculated by calculating the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar for other currency groups, for example, the AUD/JPY rate, which is USD/JPY multiplied by AUD/USD. The result of the settlement date final settlement date, delivery date is after the establishment of the transaction, the actual funds or goods delivery date of the foreign exchange market is the case, 2 business days after the liquidation of the trader counterparty transaction costs incurred when buying and selling foreign currency handling fees trading volume turnover rate, turnover, trading volume, composition of the amount of traders foreign exchange market: financial institutions and other personnel engaged in foreign exchange transactions stocks & bull; bond market: have a seat The dealer broker stocks, bonds, and other intermediaries between the parties to the transaction net position held until the final date, the same currency group of buy positions and sell positions after accounting for the actual position Fundamental analysis analysis of economic base conditions (economic trends, interest rate movements), a technique to predict market movements Technical analysis analysis of past price movements, a technique to predict the direction of future market fluctuations [L Federal Funds RateThe federal funds rate is the interest rate for lending between private banks and is also the target rate for U.S. financial policyThe federal funds rate is determined by the U.S. Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC): The FOMC, also known as the FRB of the U.S. central bank meets regularlyThe members of the FRB consist of seven governors and five presidents of the Federal Reserve Banks in each region It is the highest decision-making body that decides the U.S. financial policy and benchmark exchange rate targets about every 6 weeks, 8 times a year, and holds regular meetings on an ad hoc basis when necessary, and each regional federal bank sets the discount rate. Observe the future U.S. financial policy trends indispensable reference two-value options original asset in the arrival of a certain price, the beginning of value, the reverse does not reach that price, the loss of value of an option Cash-or-nothing: arriving at the delivery date,  if Inthemoney words, with value if it is Assetornothing:Arrives at the settlement date, if it is Inthemoney, it is the same value as the original asset if it is Outofthemoney/Outthemoney, it is worthlessLondon Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) In the European market, LIBOR liquidity refers to the amount of market transactions, also called liquidity transactions, when the market participants are more active, the transaction is easy to set up, also called "sufficient liquidity" on the contrary, the transaction volume is small, and the participants are also small, the transaction is more difficult to set up, also called "illiquidity" spiral deflation price decline and Economic deterioration interacts and proceeds simultaneously, leading to a vicious circle [M] buy price (ASK) guests buy the price of commodities also called (Offer) corresponding to the price of (Bid) buy order (Long) buy transaction to hold a buy position through the buy transaction to establish a position, the opposite position for the sell order (short): hold a sell position final sell order (shortcover): final Sell position. Sell order (short) sell transaction by selling the position established by the transaction, such as the dollar / yen "dollar sell order", is to sell the dollar to buy the yen position on the contrary for the buy order (Long) is to buy a countrys currency hold state piece (Lot) trading unit in general 1 Lot = 100,000 currency units or 10,000 currency units, the company can start trading from 1,000 currency units The U.S. Federal Reserve System is the entity responsible for managing the central banking system of the United States of America, consisting of the Central Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C., and federal banks located in major cities and regions across the country. The U.S. personal consumption accounts for 70% of the U.S. GDP, so the ultimate concern is the personal consumption of consumers buying/selling transactions currency "buy" and "sell" trade balance refers to the results of trade with foreign countries export value - import value of the results of the export part of the surplus, import part of the trade deficit N] Bull anticipates that the market will rise. The bulls aggressive behavior of lunging upward with its horns is described as a strong rising bull market. Price for the prompt side of the selling price on the contrary for the BIDOCO can also be set to limit the loss price and determine the benefit price of the pending order transaction when one side is established, the other side automatically cancel the pending order transaction For example, for the 110 yen USD / yen buy position, while setting the 112 yen to determine the benefit of the pending order and the 108 yen stop loss pending order, that is, the OCO pending order euro January 1999 The single unified currency of the European Union (EU) issued in January 1999, "EUREURO" derives its name from "EUROPE" [P] PIPS suggests that the minimum unit of foreign exchange prices wholesale price index will be indexed to the price of commodity transactions between enterprises platform refers to the necessary substrate to support the operation of software, hardware, etc., the hardware, operating environment, intermediate components integrated into one system referred to here as the trading system [ Q] strong market rally into a sustained upward trend liquidation of positions bought or sold in the foreign exchange market will be finalized futures trading in the future for a certain period of time, using the price at the present point in time to trade a specific commodity contract on the exchange for a fixed commodity reservation trading also known as Futures for the initial reservation (buy reservation or sell reservation), until the reservation period (delivery month) The meeting of 7 countries is a meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of 7 developed countries (U.S., U.K., Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Italy) to coordinate the financial and foreign exchange policies of finance ministers and central bank governors of 7 developed countries. Buy low, sell high trading method is called range trading trend market price fluctuations in the direction, situation upward trend, the high value is getting higher, the low value is also getting higher pattern downward trend, the high value is getting lower, the low value is also getting lower pattern trend line connection of the low value of the upward trend connection of the high value of the downward trend [R] intra-day trading within 1 day and other short-term trading behavior [S] Sterling pound Alias has the meaning of "real" upward [economic situation • stocks, etc.] up, up prudent investigation in investment, mergers and acquisitions, prior investigation of the financial situation of the investment object and legal aspects of the market trader (dealer) market dealer system to mark prices, often suggesting buying movements, selling movements corresponding to the market value of the securities companies traded by investors holding portfolios, assets, the market at the time Prices are re-evaluated by the current market price Producer price index indexes the sales prices of manufacturing companies to observe price changes in the production phase and forecast inflation indicators two-way quotes in prompting the foreign exchange rate, the selling price and buying price at the same time indicates the meaning of profit and loss loss loss and profit [T] TICK is the stock fluctuations of the trajectory shows each transaction price changes if the trajectory chart, then In addition, among recent short term traders, one quote is called 1TICK, which is the term "aiming to trade between 1 and 2TICK", and the purpose is to obtain a very small profit space between 1 and 2TICK. Various methods, for example, different markets have different interest rate differentials, price differentials, option differentials, etc. Arbitrage trading converts low-interest currencies (for example, the Japanese yen) into high-interest currencies to gain profits from investment methods Deflation is a phenomenon in which the supply is greater than the effective demand, resulting in a continuous decline in the price level relative to the amount of money, the number of commodities continues to increase and leads to currency appreciation (inflation) Head and shoulders top indicates that the market price will reach the top (the signal to enter the fall after the highest price) "left shoulder→head→right shoulder" is shaped like three Buddha statues side by side, so it is called "Sanzun type" in Japan, and the target price of the market fall is equidistant "head and shoulders top opposite type = head and shoulders bottom" inflation, the price level continues to rise and the relative value of money falls, the opposite is deflation. deflation), the price level continues to fall and the relative currency value rises [W] foreign exchange in English for ForeignExchange, short for Forex or FX in the international borrowing and lending of different currencies, not in cash, but by money order or check transfer payment now can be through the bank remittance this need to be through the foreign exchange market exchange rate between currencies From the original meaning of foreign exchange, foreign exchange does not include foreign currency exchange, however, the English ForeignExchange contains the meaning of foreign currency exchange foreign exchange intervention currency authorities to control the foreign exchange market fluctuations for the purpose of adjusting transactions in the foreign exchange market [X] first-in, first-out (FIFO) "first-in, first-out" means that the order number of the final position in FX usually The FIFO method is that the system automatically starts from the earliest open position and proceeds to the settlement in the order of first and lagging according to the forecast of the foreign exchange market, the operation method of early settlement or delayed settlement of the spot trading market interbank market (foreign exchange market) foreign exchange trading is also called spot trading (different from the spot trading interest rate, please note) The New Zealand dollar bear market is a falling market (falling price) market in which the bear stands up and lunges from the top to the bottom with its front paws. As in the case of a bear, an investor who sells "shares" speculatively beforehand is called a "bear" [Y] a pressure line at which many market participants believe the market price will be difficult to break above, and conversely a support line at which many market participants believe the market price will be difficult to break below, and an extended settlement period for futures trading, which is extended to the next settlement month before the final settlement date for the current position. Derivative commodity futures trading, options, interest rate exchange, etc. collectively referred to as premium ① the price of options ② the price of a forward high price against the spot price instead of a discount Islamic finance Islamic society in accordance with Islamic law prohibits "interest payments" financial transactions in the form of savings, financing as an investment for the purpose of gaining income interbank market foreign exchange market does not exist like the Tokyo Stock Exchange exchange, but Each financial institution through the telephone, computer systems and other communication facilities for trading, this inter-bank trading behavior is called inter-bank trading market moving averages American analysts Golanville investment law of technical indicators analysis techniques from the day back in the past a certain period, the price of this period for the average calculation, and then even the curve by moving averages and the deviation of the actual price to determine the market inter-bank Trading trader interbank market directly involved in the transaction of foreign exchange dealers (traders) preferential lending rates U.S. commercial bank lending benchmark interest rates, not according to the agreement to decide, but the banks themselves announced, according to the Federal Reserve Banks discount rate changes, and the up and down adjustment of the forward refers to forward transactions, counterparty transactions of the reservation transaction using the price of a future point in time, the current point in the transaction needs to be carried out Spot delivery [Z] discount futures market price is cheaper than the spot market price on the contrary is a premium pivot point (PivotPoint) according to the daily market movements, the axis as the center to determine the amplitude of the analysis method support line through chart analysis, the past several times to reach the level of the price band and stop the rally down on the contrary is the pressure line: many market participants believe that the market price above this level is difficult to break Stop-loss line: A line above which the market fluctuates in a direction unfavorable to the position and when there is a floating loss, the central bank is the institution that has the function of "bank note issuer", "bank of banks", "government bank", etc. in each country. U.S. Federal Reserve Board (FRB) Japan: Bank of Japan Eurozone: European Central Bank (ECB) UK: Central Bank of the United Kingdom Intermediary brokers are contracted as partners to introduce clients to FX intermediaries and receive commissions based on the amount of transactions made by the introduced clients with FX intermediaries Limitorder is a trading method that specifies the exchange rate at a lower price than the current market Buy, or sell at a higher price than the current market trading method specified price pending orders on the contrary for the stop (stop) mid-price bank service window published foreign exchange mid-price Tokyo foreign exchange market around 10:00 a.m., the reference interbank market level to decide 

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