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Foreign exchange platform four trading mode details

as a cashbackforexexness novice cashbackforexbroker necessary to have a clear underst forex rebate clubing of the foreign exchange platform, the market has a lot of foreign exchange trading platform, in general, can be divided into the following four models, no dealer direct forexrebateclub processing system, referred to as STP; electronic automated transaction mode, referred to as ECN; no dealer platform model, referred to as NDD; inquiry ( Dealer) and a single market maker (Marketmaker) mode, referred to as DD or MM; the following on these different trading models to give you an introduction A, STP no dealer direct transaction processing mode through no dealer direct transaction processing system, so that the customers order sent to the bank, according to the banks quotation automatically aggregated instant trading volume during the high may appear single pending, indicating that the single has been executed but still left in the pending window Generally speaking, such a single has been executed, just need a little time to wait for the bank to confirm the transaction during the frequent period, there may be a number of orders need to wait for processing waiting for the increase in the number of orders sometimes affect the bank to delay the confirmation of part of the single, depending on the type of single, the situation may be different this platform spreads will change with the central banks transaction costs and When the fluctuations cashback forex large, the international quotation banks allow gold to fluctuate within $1 slippage are within the normal range Second, the ECN electronic automatic aggregation transaction mode ECN is an electronic automatic aggregation transaction mode, traders orders are directly and anonymously listed on this network, the purchase and sale price by all traders involved in this ECN bidding, so the price on the ECN is the real market price, the spread is not fixed, all the orders are not fixed. The spreads are not fixed and all orders are traded at the best price. The operator of the ECN does not participate in trading and receives a proportional trading commission from the client. Fourth, the DD inquiry and MM market maker model (with a dealer platform) individual investors face a single dealer for inquiries and transactions, the dealer itself is a market maker, they will generally first filter the price of the bank or ECN and then add their own spread profits and then offer to customers, so customers are actually trading with market makers on the investors usual contact Foreign exchange trading platform, most of them are MM model hope that the introduction of the above-mentioned several foreign exchange trading platform model can help you several models is not good to say which is better, which is not good, the key lies in whether the investor himself is suitable for the  

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