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Foreign exchange platform capital security questions and answers

Foreign cashbackforexbroker forex rebate club capital security has always cashback forexen the most concerned about the issue of investors, investors who choose a regulated cashbackforexexness exchange platform, will certainly be more at ease than choosing a platform without regulation  have formal regulation of the foreign exchange platform must be able to guarantee the safety of their forexrebateclub?  We all know that the FCA-regulated foreign exchange platform has a British financial services compensation scheme, once the foreign exchange platform bankruptcy, traders can also be provided by the British regulatory authorities up to £ 50,000 compensation There are some regulatory authorities although the system exists in the compensation plan part, but in practice it is difficult to implement the relevant standards which makes some countries financial regulators can not give investors adequate The same is true of the most worrying part of foreign exchange trading, in the application of these regulatory foreign exchange platform to do transactions, how the safety of the customers funds, it remains to be seen In general, the formal regulatory bodies up to dozens, but the strength of regulation varies, the safety of investors funds can not be generalized  foreign exchange platform will be misappropriated investors funds for their own use?  The investor opens the official website of any foreign exchange platform, generally speaking, can always find the safety of funds related to the instructions to FXCM Australia for example: According to the rules of customer payments in Australia, FXCM Australias customer funds will be deposited in Australias approved deposit-taking institution (Australia ADI) within a separate bank account, and FXCM Australias company/working capital account separate and independent storage FXCM strictly abide by Australias The customer payment rules  What should I do if the forex platform goes bankrupt?  For the unregulated black platform, once bankruptcy means that investors funds are difficult to get back but for the regulated platform, itself in the regulatory system contains the platform after bankruptcy to protect the rights and interests of customers related regulations To the UK FCA regulation, for example, the bankruptcy process is this foreign exchange platform bankruptcy, apply for bankruptcy protection, the UK FCA Financial Supervisory Authority related to the handling of the team moved in, blocked and checked All funds account first do is to start the internal and external restructuring of the acquisition of the relevant auction procedures, if the bankruptcy of the foreign exchange company can be acquired, customers can quickly access to funds, transactions and other activities if the restructuring is not successful, will enter bankruptcy liquidation links, in accordance with the customer complaint funds to repay, if the occurrence of insufficient repayment, then enter the FCA financial protection scheme, each person can get up to £ 50,000 Related compensation The above is the answer to the question of the safety of foreign exchange platform funds

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