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Foreign exchange PK stocks which is more profitable

The ancient poem has a cloud does not know the true face of Mount Lushan, only marginally in the mountain many times forex rebate club due to our own limitations one-sided to judge some things such as speculative stock investors think forexrebateclub cashbackforexbroker risky informal, speculative foreign exchange friends feel that stocks have a dealer cashbackforexexness trading system is not perfect in fact, the essence of foreign exchange and stocks are financial products, just buy and sell different objects stock trading is the value of listed companies, foreign exchange buy and sell is the countrys currency, such as the U.S. dollar, British pound, Japanese yen, euro, etc.  foreign exchange and stocks there are many differences, the following easy-to-understand language to help you sort out the differences, so that you cashback forex find the heart of the investment and financial No. 1.  01, 24-hour trading    foreign exchange 24 hours can be traded for reasons rooted in the foreign exchange transactions The object of all countries around the world earth from west to east rotation, any time there are countries in the daytime working hours, so foreign exchange trading time coherence good, time is completely controlled by the investor Moreover, for Chinese speculators, foreign exchange the most active time period for Beijing time 8:00 pm -11:00 pm, this time period has a large number of trading opportunities, is the most relaxed rest time 02, no Banker manipulation, fair and transparent  Foreign exchange is a global invisible market, stocks are regional tangible market international foreign exchange market daily turnover of 6 trillion U.S. dollars, extremely liquid, the market and data are all open, no country and institutions can interfere with the market trend also because of the volume, the foreign exchange market is not like the stock futures, there is a stop can not be dealt with, regardless of the situation When and where can guarantee 100% transaction stock trading volume is not large, vulnerable to manipulation by the dealer, information is easy to falsify, no news no technical retail investors simply can not profit from it 03, buy and sell  foreign exchange is T + 0 trading, no geographical restrictions, buying and selling at any time, what you see is what you get, favorable can be closed at any time, at any time stop loss, not afraid of being trapped, is Short-term trading paradise stocks is T +1 trading, there are time and geographical restrictions day trading, the evening off, short trading hours and are in office hours, it is difficult to focus on the day to buy, the next day to sell, profits can not be timely exit, easy to be set, which is also one of the important reasons for the loss of stocks 04, two-way buying and selling  The object of foreign exchange trading is the currency pair The currency pair, a currency up corresponds to another currency down, no matter how the market, as long as you do the right direction can be profitable when there are unexpected events, customers get the news, foreign exchange can be invested in the best price or close a position in the stock that day when there is bearish news, the day can not sell, can only look at the loss can not operate, and the next day to stop the board opened, it is difficult to find a taker, the loss can only get bigger  ;05, moderate leverage  The biggest charm of foreign exchange margin trading is that you can use leverage to make small gains, invest $1000, leverage of 100 times, you can do $100,000 in trading stocks is 1:1 principal trading, but on the market, stocks, funds are unable to avoid accidental system risk, risk according to the proportion of the principal to calculate, it is not lower than foreign exchange Foreign exchange traders can be tailored to the degree of exposure to risk according to the leverage ratio, but also gives a very low threshold for investors with small capital but we must recognize that the leverage ratio is a double-edged sword, which enables investors to quickly profit, but also easy for investors to quickly burst to control the position, leverage is a very good tool 06, low commission  foreign exchange trading Only charge a one-time spread handling fee of about two-thousandths of the cost, directly and international banks to take the spread no intermediary fees, no taxes, foreign exchange is one of the few financial products in the world do not have to pay VAT and personal income tax, low cost stocks charge two-way commission, in addition to pay stamp duty and other fees, the cost is higher 07, foreign exchange regulatory norms  International On the foreign exchange mature capital countries have strict and perfect regulation of foreign exchange trading all foreign exchange brokers need to have strong capital, and follow the strict financial system requirements of the Financial Supervisory Authority, the implementation of customer funds independent deposit system, and the platform itself assets completely isolated, to ensure the safety of customer funds, this is similar to the stock, investors can rest assured 08, and other financial products The companys main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

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