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     William forexrebateclubdex (%R) was first publ forex rebate clubhed by Larry • William in 1973 in the book "how I make millions of dollars", so named after him, the original name is William overbought cashbackforexbroker oversold cashback forex, referred to as WMS%R or %R the index is the use of swing points to measure The cashbackforexexness oversold and overbought phenomenon, so you can predict the cycle of high and low points, to find its effective signal, is the analysis of short-term market trends in the technical indicators to determine the number of days of the cycle, with this number to take half of a buying and selling cycle many analysts believe that a buying and selling cycle for 28 days, excluding Saturday, day, the actual trading day is 20 days a longer buying and selling cycle period of 56 days, excluding Saturday, day, the trading day is 40 days The actual trading day is 40 days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays, if each half of the cycle is exactly 10 and 20 days. Stochastic Index (KD), the same, the calculated index value in the 0100 of the idle fluctuations, the difference is that the smaller the value of the William index, the heavier the market buying; conversely, the larger the value, the more dense the market selling (2) the application of the law: (a) when the % R is higher than 80, the exchange rate in an oversold state, the market is about to bottom, 80 horizontal line is generally known as the buy line (b) when the % R is lower than 20, the exchange rate in an overbought state, the market is about to top, 20 horizontal line generally known as the sell line (c) %R from the oversold area upward climb, indicating that the market may turn, in general when %R break through the 50 axis line, the market from weak to strong, you can chase buy (d) when %R from the overbought area downward slide, falling below the 50 axis line, the market downtrend intensified, you can chase sell (e) the market can sometimes overbought after overbought, oversold after oversold, when %R into the overbought or oversold area, the market is not necessarily turning trend, only %R obviously turn down below the sell line or buy line, is the correct buy and sell signals (f) the use of the best to use the relative strength index (RSI) to test the verification, when %R up, down break 50 in the line, also available relative strength index signal is correct, play both complementary functions, the market judgment has the benefit of & nbsp;The design of the Williams Index and the stochastic index is similar in principle, the difference is that the Williams Index sampling days are slightly longer and the stochastic index sampling days are slightly shorter, so both have advantages and disadvantages

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