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Foreign exchange market industry in the five major players

forex rebate club cashbackforexbroker cashback forex as the worlds largest f forexrebateclubancial trading market, from around the world, especially developed countries, financial investors are involved in foreign exchange transactions, foreign exchange market is also known as the worlds most fair, impartial, open market So what specific roles are involved in the foreign exchange market inside it? Today I will give you a detailed analysis of the five major players in the foreign exchange market:   foreign trade industry importers cashbackforexexness exporters and other foreign exchange suppliers and demanders importers and exporters are the main foreign exchange market demanders and providers of foreign exchange they import and export goods, pay loans, must be exchanged for foreign currency with domestic currency, this time they are the demanders of foreign exchange; and export goods, after recovering the payment, and to exchange the foreign currency to However, the foreign exchange providers and demanders mentioned in these examples do not have a single foreign exchange transaction with each other, except for foreign exchange transactions mainly through brokers and commercial banks, and some other foreign exchange demanders not related to trade transactions, such as travel abroad, study abroad, international remittance transfers, transportation fees, foreign marketable securities Buy and sell, foreign debt principal and interest payments and so on, have both of these generated Foreign exchange brokers foreign exchange brokers are those in the foreign exchange market specializing in the introduction of foreign exchange trading or buying and selling foreign exchange on behalf of customers, playing the role of intermediary companies they are the foreign exchange market chain property and real estate developers, playing the role of matchmaking to provide the purchase of course, there are some brokers will be directly foreign exchange transactions, from which profits these Brokers by virtue of close contact with foreign exchange banks and foreign exchange supply and demand, real-time grasp of the market in foreign exchange supply and demand dynamics between the supply and demand to thread the needle, to facilitate the successful transaction between the two sides, from which profits, charging fees foreign exchange banks are also happy to use brokers with a wide range of contacts, well-informed, experienced trading advantages, looking for more buyers and sellers Countries commercial banks foreign exchange business sector commercial banks Foreign exchange business department is the axis of the foreign exchange market, the market is mostly bought and sold through it bank foreign exchange business department main business is: deposit, international exchange, foreign currency deposit, foreign currency trading commercial banks foreign exchange business department for foreign exchange transactions are mainly two kinds: 1, on behalf of customers to buy and sell foreign exchange, intermediary identity to participate in the transaction 2, in their own name for foreign exchange trading commercial banks foreign exchange business department for Foreign exchange transactions have three purposes: First, to provide customers with the most comprehensive services possible, so as to improve the banks reputation, consolidate old customers, to attract new customers Second, to manage their own foreign exchange positions, so that the number of each foreign exchange held by them to maintain a reasonable level, in order to avoid exchange rate risks Third, to earn profits, increase earnings Central banks Central banks in the foreign exchange market to play two roles: 1, to manage the Identity intervene in the foreign exchange market, foreign exchange transactions, intervention in the foreign exchange market, restraint in exchange rate fluctuations, so that changes in the exchange rate in the direction of the domestic economy and foreign trade 2, for the government or the countrys important enterprises to foreign exchange transactions distribution commission commission ratio is high, the current market is generally 30% to 50%, and we can provide up to 70% foreign exchange speculators foreign exchange speculators are not because of their own The actual need for foreign exchange and participate in foreign exchange trading, but by virtue of their own accurate analysis of the exchange rate trend and skillful manipulation, rely on the hands of a small amount of margin to do a buy short sell short, profit from

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