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Foreign exchange market basics

What is cashbackforexbroker forex rebate club?  Foreign exchange: refers to foreign currencies (example: U.S. dollars, pounds, euros) Use: for international settlement of claims cashback forex debts Foreign exchange forexrebateclub: the ratio of one currency unit to another (example: 100 U.S. dollars = 765 yuan) International major currencies Seven freely convertible currencies U.S. dollars USD British pounds GBP Euro EUR Japanese yen JPY Swiss franc CHF Australian dollar AUD Canadian dollar CAD Exchange rate of Indirect markup method Using the national currency as the calculation standard, how many units of foreign currency can be exchanged for one unit of the national currency (GBP/USD = 19,600) Direct markup method Using the foreign currency as the calculation standard, how many units of national currency can be exchanged for one unit of the foreign currency (USD/JPY = 11,800) Meaning of the point According to cashbackforexexness practice, the foreign exchange rate is usually marked up by five The most effective number consists of the last fluctuation one, called a point (basic point) The basic point is the smallest unit of exchange rate changes Example: GBP/USD = 19600; USD/JPY = 11815; GBP/JPY = 23228 The exchange rate is determined by what 1, the value of national currencies (purchasing power parity), 2, the supply and demand for money Exchange rate system Fixed exchange rate system: refers to a national currency and the national currency between the formation of the exchange rate between the fixed ratio in the legal range of fluctuations, with a certain degree of stability Floating exchange rate system: refers to a country does not specify the national currency and foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations up and down to let the exchange rate with the foreign exchange market changes in supply and demand and free floating characteristics of the foreign exchange market Spatial unity: the foreign exchange market in all countries with modern communication technology for foreign exchange transactions, so that they are very close to each other Contact very close, forming a unified world foreign exchange market Time continuity: the worlds various foreign exchange market in business time alternate with each other, forming a before and after the cycle of operation pattern International important foreign exchange market trading time (Beijing time) Wellington 04:00 ~ 13:00 Sydney 06:00 ~ 15:00 Tokyo 08:00 ~ 15:30 Hong Kong 10:00 ~ 17: 00 Frankfurt 14:30~23:00 London 15:30~00:30 New York 21:00~04:00 International major foreign exchange market London foreign exchange market: the long-established reputation of the international foreign exchange market, it has a long history, trading volume, with advanced modern electronic communication network, is the worlds largest foreign exchange market New York foreign exchange market: the largest foreign exchange market in the United States New York foreign exchange market Not a fixed place, customers do not gather in a fixed place for trading at present, the New York foreign exchange market established the most modern electronic computer system Tokyo foreign exchange market: after London and New Yorks third largest foreign exchange market, the annual volume of transactions in the worlds third The largest transaction on the market is still the yen-dollar swap Hong Kong foreign exchange market: Hong Kong is a free port, is the Far East important international Financial center Other foreign exchange markets: Frankfurt foreign exchange market, Paris foreign exchange market, Singapore foreign exchange market The impact of exchange rate changes Exchange rate changes and foreign trade: exchange rate appreciation, increase imports, reduce exports; exchange rate depreciation, reduce exports, increase imports Exchange rate changes and capital flows: exchange rate appreciation, favorable to foreign investment; exchange rate depreciation, favorable to foreign investment (also have the opposite factor)

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