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Foreign exchange fundamental analysis of the most important three data

Because of the status of the forex rebate club. cashbackforexbroker. economy cashback forex the global economy, the trend of the U.S. dollar directly or indirectly on the entire foreign exchange market quotes, so regardless of the operation of what currency pairs, we must remain concerned about the economic situation in the United States, which is important to have the following three cashbackforexexness Non-farm payrolls data, this data is published by the U.S. Department of Labor on the first Friday of each month, is the most market Non-farm payrolls is the most popular employment indicator in the market forexrebateclub is considered to be the most comprehensive and authoritative employment data in the U.S. Given the importance of the labor force to the U.S. economy, this makes non-farm payrolls data quite important in the fundamental analysis of foreign exchange U.S. unemployment rate: the percentage of Americans registered as unemployed data by dividing the number of unemployed with labor capacity by the total number of people with labor capacity non-farm payrolls After the employment numbers are released, the employment rate usually serves as the most popular snapshot data reflecting current U.S. labor market conditions Unemployment data provides insight into a countrys production, consumption, income, and consumer confidence Unemployment decreases as spending increases because more people have jobs and wages to encourage economic growth with increased consumer spending, which can trigger inflationary pressure; conversely, high unemployment levels indicate economic instability and The Feds interest rate resolution: is a statement by the Fed announcing an increase, decrease, or maintenance of the benchmark interest rate level The Feds Open Market Committee meets eight times a year to discuss monetary policy, with decisions announced after each meeting The Feds interest rate resolution can have a significant impact on financial markets Changes in interest rates will affect consumer credit, bonds, and the U.S. dollar exchange rate Consider the independence of the price level and Flexibility is a necessary condition for the effectiveness of monetary policy The influence of the U.S. economy on the global market is huge, and for investors to do is to take into account the impact of data from the U.S. when doing fundamental analysis of foreign exchange  

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