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Foreign exchange fundamental analysis of the misconceptions

Beginning to contact cashbackforexbroker cashbackforexexness people, will underst forex rebate club that one of the two methods of foreign exchange analys cashback forex is the so-called basic analysis - that is, according to the foreign exchange fundamental forexrebateclub of various factors to collect, aggregate, and to study, in order to come to a conclusion biased long or short To put it politely, this method can be a mistake To know not to say that a person is difficult to grasp the real fundamental all information ( Public and confidential), most of the ancient fable joke "the blind man touching the elephant" in a few blind people (touching the belly thought the elephant is a wall; touching the thigh thought the elephant is a pillar; touching the tail thought the elephant is a rope), see one or a few positive information, think to rise; and see one or a few negative information thought to fall completely without a comprehensive and comprehensive In fact, even if you master all In fact, even if you have all the information, in the multiple factors intertwined information, how can you objectively and strictly come to a more or less conclusion to?  The most ridiculous thing is that many people like to take the information in the public media, as the material for basic analysis, do not know that it has already reacted to the market trend of the long and short sides are facing the same fundamentals, only different understanding - the elephant is still the elephant, but you touch different parts, the conclusion is different. It depends on how the absolute main force dominating the market understands and uses the fundamentals of the positive and negative to manipulate (this is the essence of the foreign exchange market), in other words: we look at the long or short does not matter, it depends on how the main force interprets and uses In response to the above questions, individuals gathered themselves involved in the speculative industry over the past 18 years to condense their perceptions of this issue, summarized the following three points of perception, looking forward to And friends to share and discuss to improve: personal foreign exchange perception of one: the nature of the foreign exchange market, is the long and short sides based on different understandings of the same fundamentals, the game in the foreign exchange market market rhythm and direction of the short and long rise and fall, dominated by the strength of the institutions In other words, not the fundamental factors of the positive or negative lead to the rise and fall of the foreign exchange market personal foreign exchange perception of two: the well-known fundamental information, can only Used to explain the past; and little-known insider information is the decisive factor in the future trend of the foreign exchange market In other words, you cant get the information from the public media as the basis for future trend research, but to see the essence through the surface, through the information released after the time node and the market reaction after the release, combined with technical trends, through a comprehensive analysis of the global market and trend grasp, through the public Information on the impact of the market to infer the real intentions of the main institutions Personal foreign exchange insight of three: you want to hunt prey, without analyzing the various factors affecting the movement of prey, to find, capture hunting prey, the most simple and practical way is to track the prey trail

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