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Explore the meaning behind technical indicators

Before we start the d cashbackforexbrokercussion, lets ask a few questions: 1. Is the cashback forex behind technical indicators needed in the systematic cashbackforexexness process? 2. What is the meaning behind technical indicators for systematic trading? 3. How to explore the meaning behind trading indicators? I think the meaning behind the technical indicators should be considered when building a trading system, the systematic trading process itself needs to minimize the involvement of human factors. If the indicator comes from other trading forexrebateclubs, it is more important to understand the meaning behind it. I once heard of an incident (the authenticity of which is not verifiable, but the reasoning is correct): some economist was looking for indicators positively correlated with the U.S. stock market, expecting to find a technical indicator with a very high fit. I think it is necessary to understand the meaning behind the indicators when building a trading system. The significance is that we can identify the authenticity of the correlation between the indicators and the trading market, which can not only enhance our confidence in our trading system to achieve consistency in trading, but also provide a basis for the later optimization of our trading system So how to explore the meaning behind the indicators? My idea is: 1. first put the indicators in historical data for testing 2. study the correlation between the indicators and the trading market, that is, the internal conduction logic between them However, I think this research should not be too much into the corner because the human brain is too able to associate, often will be unrelated things hard to think together because the world is full of uncertainty, so the less this logic conduction link the better, indicators and The more intuitive the relationship between indicators and the trading market, the better.3. After research, we believe that the appropriate and reliable indicators to establish a trading system.4. Take their own system to verify the real technical indicators although it is an essential analytical tool, but technical indicators do not guarantee that we can profit from the currency market is a zero-sum game, some people earn is bound to lose, if only rely on technical indicators can easily profit, if every If technical indicators alone can be easily profitable, if every investor uses Trader software, then no one will lose money in the stock market ever again, is this possible? Technical indicators are the first to come out of the stock market, the stock market has a history of hundreds of years, countless foreign industry elites to join them, but the only ones still in use today are the common ones such as MA, MACD, KDJ, etc. In fact, they are relatively simple lines of several indicators, as the so-called Avenue to simplicity it

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