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Discipline to let me live in the capital market

  Th cashbackforexexness time the shock cashbackforexbroker to still forex rebate club the fierce battle of the stock market friends are consumed enough to see the stock to rise, and you go in to start the road to fall, faint to fall in the stock, after we cut, but silently back to life watching the stock up, you do forexrebateclub buy, not on the position, the lure of the structural market and the pressure of the net worth, so you press I cant help it, watching the stock fall, not stop loss, ready to boil, but remember the three rounds of stock market crash, and is creepy, immediately without the courage to boil This is a reflection of the real state of the current market: stock game, field mutual cutting, serious differentiation, operation difficult   In fact, for veteran drivers, this period of market performance is very normal bear market characteristics. The stock market cycle is like the annual cycle of seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter alternating cycle, nothing special, spring, summer, autumn harvest, winter collection, according to this natural law will be more or less some harvest, who will not sow in winter, spring busy harvesting but in the stock market, winter busy sowing, even thinking about harvesting a lot of people, against the trend, contrary to the laws of nature, the first to bear the brunt is the need to bear the corresponding The first thing you need to do is to bear the consequences of torture, suffering and pain, as well as action   However, in reality, no one will be sowing seeds in winter, thinking about harvesting, which is said to be so, because not enough experience to judge the spring, summer, autumn and winter cycle of the stock market, winter has come, but also a single coat and pants standing in the snow and wind, to complain so so cold, how will it snow? However, in the stock market cycle judgment, not frozen several times, not tortured a few times, is not learning the four seasons judgment   In fact, this is also a cliché, the growth of the stock market, is to boil the word trick! Wall Street has an old saying: If you can boil ten years in the stock market, you should be able to constantly earn money; if you boil twenty years, your experience will be extremely valuable to learn from; if you boil thirty years, then you are certainly extremely rich people   here boil, there is a premise, you must ensure that you can not be frozen to death in a few rounds of winter, but also live to the next spring, it is necessary to ensure that not to be Frozen afraid, frozen afraid to go into the greenhouse, never want to come out, never dare to meet the dream of spring, here comes the question: what makes you able to survive several rounds of winter? My answer is, first, can survive several rounds of winter people, have been frozen painful numb, and even dying over, second, painful numb, are painful to have their own live in the market some insights   Many people can rely on XX news free in the market, many people can rely on arbitrage, model survival, of course, value investment, trend investment faction The company has a lot of success stories, institutions have institutions that are good at playing, retail investors have a way of survival, for me, to this day, the market can believe in not much, if I have to live in the market to find a most profound experience, I think it is certainly: the word discipline!    Yes, I rely on discipline to survive in the market, I rely on discipline to survive so far discipline two words, for not long into the market friends, may not feel much, because this part of friends have not found their own market concept, has not established the appropriate operating system, there is no systematic stock selection, buy and sell points, position management, risk assessment methods. The trading relies on emotion and random more discipline, reflected in every aspect of the transaction, the concept, system, strategy are to rely on discipline to play a role   No stop loss, no gaming for the understanding of the stop loss, is a measure of the basic signs of investment entry or not stop loss is no longer important, just like the brakes and insurance of the car, no brakes on the car, you dare to drive on the road? No insurance car you dare to drive on the road? Out of a major event, may be a lifetime ongameover stock market stop loss is also the same, may be ten times not stop loss, have survived, may be ten years not stop loss have survived, but may encounter an accident, will be back to liberation overnight, such a story in the stock market in 2007, 2010, 2015, has been no stranger   so I have always stressed that if you agree that the stock market is a place of gaming, then I believe that no stop-loss, not gaming but the word stop-loss is the main essence of stock market trading, did not learn before, with bad, may be many years in the cut! Cut! Cut! Cut pain, do not want to cut again, ready to find a safe stock, boil once, boil a, usually this boil, boil to the end or can not boil, found, the so-called safe stock is not safe, and finally not only to cut, but also chop!    Stop loss, the most fear is blind! Playing the amount of stop-loss banner, doing frequent chasing up and down trading! The stock market is a game of probability, general trend research, industry awareness, business analysis, capital management, emotional control of the five aspects of knowledge and skills are indispensable, which is often said that the five carriages through the study of these elements, to give the probability of entry to win, to give the effect of the position arrangement, buy and sell point planning, but once the market is running, their planning should be unconditionally obey the inherent power of the market, right, plus the code to strengthen I believe that most people recognize this phrase, no matter what industry they are in, they should focus on concentration in order to achieve a professional level, in the stock market as well, I always believe that focused investment is the final destination of most people after the lost here focus, there are two levels, two meanings, the first, research, the The first level of focus is not much to say, which is in the scope of research focus on their familiar industry areas I have many high-caliber professionals around me, they are the best in their respective fields However, they are repeatedly defeated in the financial market to investigate the cause, in fact, is defeated in They have a high degree and very high professional quality, but failed to grasp the core of the company behind the stock, they lost to the price fluctuations, lost to human nature a senior doctor, invested in a power company they do not understand; a medical doctor but bought shares of automotive companies … … many such examples, is in line with the saying: human nature will lower IQ left their expertise and ability circle, to bet on moot and may bar is gambling   The second layer of focus, refers to the trading level of focus, focus on familiar, suitable for their own trading model, value investment, trend investment, quantitative trading, etc., no matter what model, philosophy and method, as long as it suits you, can bring their own money and confidence on The gain is a good system! Regardless of what model, model, refined to the end is the choice of buying and selling points, the selection of the subject, position allocation, risk assessment and several other details of the action   do a test, if by now can not clearly say their own system, method, how to choose stocks, how to set the buying and selling points, how to arrange the order of entry and exit, etc., then it is not formed their own mode, in the stock market need to experience a lot more   I believe in value, but my investment must not be limited to the value of the lock; I believe in the trend, but I like the trend must be to understand themselves, into the trend, out of the trend; I do not believe in the market experts predictions, economists grand theory, authority, head of the instructions, I only believe in the market intrinsic The interpretation and development of the forces   This is the market, the only system to interpret the market signals, the electronic world, the signal is transmitted in the system, carrying the content of peoples communications, the stock market, the signal issued by the system, is the core we use to discipline their own buy and sell points, positions, which is also the basis of trading discipline     nbsp;Believe in common sense, know yourself Everyone knows the famous 721 law of the stock market before entering the stock market, that is, seventy percent of stockholders end up with a loss, only 10% can win, of which two percent can break even But every round of bull and bear cycle down, the facts will tell us why the law is a law, is that we can not escape the magic spell of the stock market     nbsp;In fact, other industries are not so? For example, look around you in elementary school, middle school, high school and college classmates, a class can eventually become famous and how many? Is not also in line with the ratio of 721 it? In my observation even less than this proportion but the ordinary industry and the stock market, the 721 law gives a different feeling, that is because, the ordinary industry in the weakness of the human heart can be hidden, while the stock market in the weakness of human nature has nothing to hide in the stock market, greed, fear, fantasy will be like a shadow, always affect the way of thinking in the stock market, and the results will be directly reflected in the profit and loss of the account    nbsp; Human nature is prone to self-righteousness, high regard for themselves once had a lot of surveys, driving people, most of them will think their driving skills are very good, programming people will be very good for their programming, from ordinary positions into leadership positions in the first few years will think they are very strong in the world, such things can be seen everywhere around, just like speculators think they can be from the stock market The results tell me that many times we overestimate ourselves   In this world, there are too many smart people, but in the stock market, your reputation in your industry, status, flowers and applause, high education, all kinds of halo and so proud of the capital no longer exists, the market is currently equal for everyone in the stock market, the real smart people will go to do not smart people. The real smart people will go to do not smart people can also make things, not smart people but always want to do those smart people can not do things, this is the difference   We only change our minds, change our fundamental view of the stock market, in order to calm down to think about the meaning of the 721 law, in order to return to the real world, in order to gradually mature slowly Growth is also the only way to bring the wealth earned in the stock market one day in the future, the golden pot, completely leave this game field, before you completely leave, everything you have is paper stuff   No stop loss, not the game, stop loss, can let us live at the critical moment, can have the opportunity to continue this game of probability; focus, can let us Have a stock market navigation system, action, more a mature, more a calm; believe in common sense, know yourself, only to win is not proud, defeat is not discouraged   What is discipline? Three stop-loss, three focus, three common sense   Discipline, let me live in the capital market!  

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