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BOLL indicator trumpet pattern usage

  Bollinger BOLL indicator usage cashbackforexbroker cashback forex pattern of the trumpet usage forexrebateclub mainly based on the Bollinger forex rebate club upper, middle and lower cashbackforexexness line three line direction trend to determine the trend of the stock price a method, can be divided into three cases: open trumpet, shrinkage trumpet, tight mouth trumpet Bollinger line law of motion a, open trumpet --- --Accelerating up stage After a long-term decline in stock prices, Bollingers upper and lower rail lines gradually contracted, the distance between the upper and lower rails more and more down, with the volume of energy gradually enlarged, the stock price suddenly appeared upward rapid rise in operation, at this time Bollingers upper rail line also rose sharply upward, while the lower rail line is accelerating downward, so that the entire Bollingers upper and lower rail line between the shape of the formation of a Similar to the special shape of the trumpet, which is the open trumpet Once this situation, indicating a wave of large reversal of the arrival of the market such a stock, up is not 20% on the end of things, at least to get more than double the earnings before you can swing Bollinger analysis is also applicable to the broader market Points: 1, the greater the stock price decline, the longer the volume finishing platform the greater the future space 2, the upper and lower rail lines The smaller the distance, the greater the magnitude of the future rise 3, the opening must be released 4, a strong pullback can not effectively fall below the rail  Second, the shrinkage trumpet ----- accelerated down stage After a significant short-term rally, the Bollinger line and the upper rail line gradually expand, the distance between the upper and lower rails is getting larger and larger, with the gradual reduction in volume, the stock price at the high end of the rapid decline in the market This time the upper rail of the Bollinger line began to turn down sharply, while the lower rail line is still accelerating up this is the shrinkage horn The formation of the shrinkage horn at least means that the stock price into the downtrend, once the large negative line effectively fell below the rail, meaning that short-term to come out to avoid risk Three, tight mouth usage ----- horizontal disc bottoming stage tight mouth horn and Bollinger line horizontal disc pattern is similar, appearing in the construction of the bottom of the stage, there are obvious characteristics are well recognized: Bollinger line up and down the rail line began to close to the rail means that the adjustment is almost over

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