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so-called blowout, refers to leveraged trad cashbackforexbrokerg (margin trading) in some special conditions, the investors margin account in the case of negative customer equity in the forexrebateclub when there forex rebate club a large change in the market, if the majority of the funds in the investors margin account is occupied by the transaction margin, cashback forex the direction of the transaction and the opposite of the market trend, due to the leverage effect of margin trading, it is easy to blowout If the blowout leads to a deficit and is caused by the investor, the investor needs to make up the deficit, otherwise it will face legal persecution the reasons for the blowout are mostly related to improper management of funds to avoid this quiet situation, you need to control the position in particular, reasonable capital management, do cashbackforexexness operate like a full position may appear in spot trading and spot trading is different, the investor must be leveraged trading varieties of the market Therefore, leveraged trading is not actually suitable for all investors forex traders occurrence of the reasons for blowout 1, position is too heavy: belongs to the category of excessive trading which is the main reason for blowout, with a large proportion of leverage heavy position down, risk resistance is very poor its psychological demons is the rush to get rich, the idea of overnight riches 2, refused to admit mistakes: once the direction of the wrong, can not make a decision on the spot In the case of the tiger, the strong man broke his wrist but dead resistance, until the position was blown, the ‘ life ’ are hitched in, only to have to be forced to close the position, do not hit the wall do not turn back, but also the beautiful name: Ming of the mountain has a tiger, biased to the tiger mountain line, ‘ manly man, the top of the sky, as death ’ do not know that we came to this market is to make money, not to the top of the sky. Heroic rescue of who will not and money to get over, play a short position, no matter what can not stand up 3, do not set a stop-loss: everyones words in addition to shouting the word, the most talked about is the stop-loss, but many people still because there is no stop-loss and a short position, the reasons for this, one is the psychological barriers, and then the technical factors psychological barriers are mainly reflected in the existence of a fluke mentality once the position is opened later, not set Stop loss, waiting with fear and trepidation, like tying yourself to a car without braking system, ready to capsize, fluke hope that the price can move in the direction of their open positions but speculation is not gambling, fluke and luck can not always accompany you, to make stable profits, or rely on their real strength 4, frequent in and out, excessive trading: some people trading foreign exchange because the position is too heavy and the position. But some people light position small amount of also violent position look into the reason is frequent in and out, excessive trading from a psychological point of view is no plan, eager to turn over, under the random single, under the emotion single, and finally messed up the mentality is very bad, the odds are very high, like a blunt knife cut meat, little by little cut out, violent position 5, against the market, plus dead code: whenever the foreign exchange market staged forced short market or kill more market will burst many peoples account The reason for this is to die more or die empty, will not be flexible, and adjust to the trend and the more wrong plus code, plus dead code, fantasy one day the price back, can be defeated to win the results did not wait until the defeat to win that day, the bullets played early, died in the halfway 6, blindly follow the single: many do foreign exchange margin trading friends blindly follow other peoples shouting single operation, no own opinion and lead to a short position than than The reason for this is that one is not confident in themselves, there are bad trading habits of listening to the news, and the second is that there is a blind worship of the masters of the idea that the masters are predictors of the market, due to the uncertainty of the speculative market, no one can steadily predict the turn of each important market or market fluctuations, the masters are no exception 7, can not do in a timely manner to close positions: foreign exchange novices in the trading time to hold the attitude of fluke, in time in the Potential risk of the market will not do in time to close positions, want to wait until the market reversal, but very often this behavior will bring huge losses to your trading, so learn to close positions in time 8, do not analyze the market on the transaction: because there is no deep grasp of the market, there is no strong analytical ability, so in the time of foreign exchange trading, speculation in foreign exchange novice often in the encounter of volatile market on the next In fact, there are many illusions in the market, hidden huge risks, this time the novice will suffer losses in every transaction before or to do some analysis of the market, try to reduce the frequency of transactions, improve the effectiveness of the transaction burst related reading forex trading heavy position is easy to burst, then how to light position? Position management is a crucial part of forex trading, many people will be regarded as a direct decision to forex trading success or failure of the key many books on trading, have mentioned the trend, light position, stop loss, many traders around the six words to do a lot of homework, some people regard it as a treasure, some people ...  If you do not want to burst, you can look at this method of profit and loss is not at all light position heavy position, look at the wrong, light position small knife cut, cut to cut as usual a large part of the heavy position to eradicate this tumor at once, different forms of just personal preference heavy position, do ultra-short, 5% of the total principal stop loss, 10-20% stop gain, the process and then change  Constant loss, the Constantly bursting positions, foreign exchange trader what other ways out? No one listens to the concept, no one listens to the technology, that only tell the story of the year I happened a lot of things, life changes also began to be great, especially according to the reality of personal experience and insights, thinking, summarizing, planning and began to implement the direction of the career of forex trading practitioners

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