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5 years of forex trading some insights, to the confused in you

director John Woos "The Heros Colors" has a line: I waited for th cashback forex opportunity for three years, cashbackforexbroker to prove that I am better than others, just to prove that what I lost, I must take back some insights of the deal, to the confused in you "href="http://7xr63l.com1.z0.glb. clouddn.com/2017/05/201705161639_4728.jpg "title="timg(2).jpg "alt="timg(2).jpg "rel="box "class="fancybox"/>How long forexrebateclub you wait for forex rebate club opportunities? How are you going to improve your trading skills? Some novice traders simply cashbackforexexness not wait for trading opportunities, they will blindly enter the market, blindly stop loss, occasionally make some profits, and ultimately is all lost but professional speculators will be for trading opportunities to develop a trading plan, and constantly on the demo account to exercise their trading skills they will not use intra-day trading strategies, more will be trading on the daily chart because it is easier to determine the direction on the daily chart If you say Forex trading is gambling, then you must have your own money management methods do not bet heavily, do not have the desire to make money, do not attempt to take risks, buy in batches, and control your own adventurous spirit Many traders, in order to control their own adventurous spirit, will arrange their lives in a reasonable manner, do not smoke, do not drink, do not stay up late, eat lightly, exercise, and do not run red lights when crossing the street This is the rule and discipline, if If you can not comply with discipline in life, then you can not comply with the trading discipline in the laymans view of forex trading is a tough job, in fact, it is so attractive it is suitable for perseverance, perseverance, bravery, wisdom of people late every night, professional traders will write trading diary, they understand that only trading diary is the guiding light forex trading career requires you to continue to learn, here we recommend you Read "Birdwatchinginlioncountry", a very good forex trading book, introducing the grid trading method

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